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Buying a new home can be a headache. With so many different factors to consider, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details and get overwhelmed. Many first-time buyers just don’t know what to look for in a new home, and even existing homeowners can have difficulty finding the ideal combination of home features. When you just can’t find that perfect new home, what can you do?

More and more, today’s home shoppers are turning towards modern home builders in order to customize and build their perfect home. Modern home plans take into consideration the most current and stylish trends in home building, and can allow homebuyers to build the perfect home. While 65% of home buyers reported that central air was an important feature of a new home, storage space, and appliances remain the top priorities for new home buyers; in 2013, 89% of homebuyers bought a home with a separate dedicated laundry room in order to consolidate space. Many modern home plans build storage space into homes so that new homeowners no longer have to invest money in offsite storage units. No matter what you need space for, building your own home can ensure you have plenty of it.

But where to build that new home? Overwhelmingly, both homebuilders and homebuyers prefer suburban areas. The popular desire to live in the suburbs has not changed even as other housing trends have changed in recent decades. In a recent poll of 1,500 Millennials who are shopping for their first home, 66% reported a preference to buy a home in suburban locations versus 24% in rural areas and 10% in the central city of metro areas. Some states are better than others for building new homes. For example, Florida offers homebuyers a $50,000 tax credit if a home bought there is declared the primary residence. Florida is also one of only seven states that do not collect individual income tax. Wherever you sure you choose to build your new home, make sure that the location is right for you and your family.

Buying or building a new home doesn’t have to be difficult. Modern home plans can take all of your ideas for a new home into consideration. The market for homes is bouncing back: don’t let your chance at finding the perfect home slip away!

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July 2024
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