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Wyoming ranches

There is no denying the fact that the United States of America has a great deal of land on which to work. We build homes and business, grow crops and raise animals. Frequently, large tracts of land owned by a family are passed down from generation to generation. They might be farmers or cattle ranchers or entrepreneurs who have made successful businesses from the use of their land. Sometimes families are ready to part with their land for one reason or another, and when someone is willing to sell, there is usually someone willing to buy. Farm land, cattle ranches, equestrian property and even guest ranches go on the market every year.

Every day, people from all over the country go into their local supermarkets to purchase produce grown on some of the best farms in the world. In the midwest and western regions of the country, agriculture is a way of life for many. California, which leads the way in agricultural receipts, produces many crops you are sure to find in any market. Iowa, Texas, Nebraska and Illinois follow just behind California in sales. In terms of value, the Sunshine State produces three main exports: almonds, dairy and dairy products, and wine. California also leads the nation in the production of 66 crops. These include almonds, artichokes, dates, figs, raisins, kiwifruit, olives, clingstone peaches, pistachios, prunes, pomegranates, sweet rice, and walnuts. The next time you visit your market, take a look at where these items come from. California is much more than celebrities and Hollywood.

In the great state of Texas, agriculture and its related businesses account for $36.4 billion dollars of revenue annually. That seems like a lot, and it is. It is put into some perspective, however, when you see just how many people invest their life’s work in the business. The numbers tell us that 14% of all people working in Texas work in an agriculture-related job. With so many people working in the industry, it is of very little doubt that Texas’s farm real estate has the highest value in the nation. Not only will you find great agricultural real estate in Texas when looking in the direction of farming, ranching is also a very big part of the Texas economy. When visiting Texas, it won’t take you long to find a cattle ranch. Ranching and farming are not the same thing. Both are extremely important, but they often require different types of land.

In Texas, Montana, Colorado and New Mexico, you are also likely to come across many different kinds of ranches. A luxury cattle ranch, for example, gives its owners a great deal of land and that translates into privacy, autonomy and the ability to build. Cattle ranches in Colorado could be the perfect place to start a guest ranch, giving people the opportunity to experience what life is like on a ranch. Cattle ranches are not the only ranches with value., however. A horse ranch or even a hunting ranch could make for a very profitable endeavor.

Whether it be cattle ranches, agricultural properties or anything in between, head west and find the property of your dreams. Exploring the American frontier has never been more exciting.

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July 2024
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