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Charity clothing donations

Are you getting tired of spring cleaning happening during more than just the spring months? Do you have a bunch of old items you want to give away but you’re not sure where to start? You might need to call for charity pick up to get rid of those old clothes and out-of-date furniture you have lying around. Charitable drop off, such as clothing donations or donations to Purple Heart, do the dual work of providing those in need with affordable and gently used items while freeing up your home and making it more manageable than it’s ever been. You can even clean the environment while you’re at it! Let’s look at the top four reasons you should send donations to Purple Heart, from helping your community to creating tax write-offs.

Helping The Environment

We all have to do our part to help our environment. The United States is a huge country and that’s reflected in the amount of textile waste accrued every year. Americans, on average, send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills each year — even worse is that the vast majority of these materials could be reused in a heartbeat! All is not lost, however, as the year 2006 saw a whopping 2.5 billion pounds of fabric recycled through used-clothing purchases, meaning that charitable clothing donations are as environmentally friendly as they are financially friendly. Cleaning up the environment also means you do less cleaning in your house or apartment!

Clearing Your House

While it’s tempting to keep around old clothes and well-loved knickknacks ‘just in case you need them later’, the fact of the matter is that you end up with more than you actually need almost overnight! Participating in charity clothing donations will clear up your closet for new shirts and jackets to come in while giving your local donation centers new clothes to both bolster their business and support their community. Common knowledge dictates that if you haven’t worn a certain clothing article in six months or more, it’s time to let it go!

Creating Tax Write-Offs

Yes, you can even save on your taxes! Everything from furniture to clothing to technology you don’t need anymore can be factored into your tax write-off to save you even more money down the road. A coffee maker, for example, is worth anywhere from $4 to $15 as a tax write-off while men’s overcoats or suits can be written off at $60 or higher. Charitable donations, overall, worth over $250 will need a receipt to be coupled with your taxes before you send them off. Even items that are little more damaged or worn out than usual can still be recycled into materials for future production, so there’s no need to be frugal! Now how about giving back to your neighborhood?

Helping Your Community

When budgets are tight and times are rough, some families need to turn to affordable and accessible options to get through their lean months. Sending off your gently used clothing articles and furniture will provide a much-needed alternative to expensive mall outlets and boutiques, reducing strain on the environment and freeing up your living space all the while! If you find your busy schedule can’t accommodate clothing donations, you can always call for a quick and easy Purple Heat charity pick up. It’s as simple as giving them a call and leaving your clothes by your door. Donations to Purple Heart help everybody in the long run with minimal effort — what will you donate today?

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June 2024
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