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Looking to enhance the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your lawn and patio? When it comes to landscaping ideas, there are a lot of concepts out there, and finding the right one for your needs can be a challenge. Well, make the decision easier by investing in a custom pergola. They are a great fit for any space.

All About Pergolas

A pergola is an open-air, free-standing archway that can provide the perfect entry point for your walkway, garden, or patio. Many are designed to have vines or other plants grow on it and help frame it. There is no doubt it adds a lot to one’s home and they are a smart investment to make when it comes to curb appeal.

Benefits of Pergolas

Still on the fence as to whether or not a custom pergola is a good fit for your home? Well, don’t worry about design and style options. Pergolas come in all kinds of different builds from modern to vintage to rustic and more. You will find the perfect fit for your needs in no time.

Pergolas are also great for adding some extra shade to your back or front yard, and they help with privacy, too. They are ideal for those warmer days when the sun is really beating down. You can easily sit in the comfort of your own property, without having to worry about being totally exposed.

Passionate about plants? If you like vines and big plants that need lots of room to grow, then a pergola is the perfect fit. Plants on your pergola help with shade and privacy, and they give it a look that is all its own, as well.

Great Landscaping Goes a Long Ways

Putting a bit of effort into your landscaping can make a big difference down the line. Things like pergolas, patios, firepits, walkways, and more make a huge impact on the value of your home. In fact, Money Magazine said that nice-looking landscaping can bring a recover value of 100% to 200% when it comes time to sell.

Along with this, studies show that potential buyers and renters are willing to pay more for properties with well-kept landscaping. By spending just 5% of your home’s value on improving your yard space, you can increase the resale value by around 15%.

So, get to work, and invest in your custom pergola, landscape lighting, and backyard water features today. It will be well worth it!

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April 2024
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