Striking up a conversation via a great conversation starter with a stranger or simply keeping the conversation engaging during a dinner party can be done with some great topics for conversation. First and foremost, we all know the two things you never discuss with friends, acquaintances, or strangers: politics and religion. Those two emotionally charged topics aside, what is a great conversation starter or some fun conversation topics for when you are socializing at a get together or trying to chat up the attractive barista at your local coffee shop? To begin with the best conversation starter, remember this golden rule: people love to talk about themselves. You can comment (and compliment them) on something they are wearing, ask them about any upcoming vacations, or simply ask their advice on something benign (e.g., should I order the muffin or a scone?) If you are at the dinner party of a friend or acquaintance, a good dinner conversation topic or great conversation starter can always center around the simple question, how do you know the host?

Too Awkward for Dinner? No Worries Me Too, But This Is How I Conquered That Problem

The awkward silence at a dinner table can send you into panic attacks. Believe me. I have been there. You become super self conscious and hyper aware.

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