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There are some qualities that help when deciding what to look for in a day school. As we all have to find daycare for kids when working, there is a great deal to consider when choosing one. Some of these are whether they are private or public, as well as whether your child will be attending private or public school all the way throughout preparatory and secondary school.

Advantages of Attending Private Schools over Public Schools

What to look for in a day school may need the answer to the question as to whether or not you can afford any of the 25% of all private schools in the country. With the many educational benefits that private day schools, followed by private elementary and secondary schools, there is a great deal to expect when choosing to send your child to one of these day schools.

There are some benefits to be gained from attending a private school. And this can begin at the day school level, with fewer schools, fewer students under a single teacher, and better focus in the classroom, there is greater hope for long-term student success. Some of the many benefits of private schools include:

  • Only 4% of student apathy reported in comparison to public school reports of 21%.
  • Approximately 95% of private school grads progress to four-year colleges as compared to about 49% of public school grads.
  • Private schools have an average SAT score of about 1235 compared to about 1060 average across all national high schools.
  • Private school counselors spend over half their time on college-related advice, where public school counselors only spend about one-fifth of their time on this topic.

    • Starting from a quality day school, there is much to be gained from the choices you can make throughout the choices of your children’s schools over time. In addition to what to look for in a day school, you can make those same decisions in private elementary schools and private high schools that can help improve the quality of education your child receives.

      Whether you are in the best preschool around or the best one that you can afford, there are many things you can do to investigate the certifications and licenses held by a day school and its teachers. It may take a little more work than a simple Google search, but it is important to remember that it is for the long-term development and education of your little one.

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March 2024
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