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Sometimes you might find yourself questioning if the medical situation you’re in is something that could be handled at an urgent care clinic or if you had better go to the emergency room. You might be concerned about differences in care and billing, which is the last thing you should have to worry about when you are hurt or sick.

Now there is a way to take out the guess work and get the treatment you need with walk in clinic convenience. You don’t have to question which facility to go to, because there are now emergency care centers that offer both. The combination of urgent care and the ER means that you can get whatever treatment you need in one place. This can also be handy should you come across an injury or illness that seems simple at first, but then requires emergency care after further investigation.

What Do They Treat?

These emergency centers can treat anything that doesn’t require a specialist, and even then they can look you over and refer you to a specialist if needed. From your every day flu to a severe injury, you can go to one of these joint facilities and be treated.

When Can You Go?

Many of these facilities run for 24 hours. So no matter when you need treatment you can find a clinic near you that can help. In order to find a center like this you can search “24 hour emergency clinic near me” and see if the ones nearby offer both urgent care and emergency room services. You could also search for “24 hour joint urgent care and ER” or something along those lines.

Why Urgent Care?

Urgent care and ER facilities are ideal, because you don’t have to make an appointment, especially not one that ends up being days or weeks ahead. If you’re genuinely sick or hurt and need treatment as fast as possible, these clinics are the best option. There may be a bit of a wait, but you will be seen that day and if it’s a true emergency then they can get you into the ER immediately.

Remember to search “24 hour emergency clinic near me” the next time you need quick care and find a joint urgent care and ER facility near you!

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June 2024
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