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Landscaping is an important part of making your home over to suit your own tastes and needs. Most people value their outdoor spaces and spend as much time as they can outdoors. As well as improving your outdoor expense, landscaping can have a major impact on your home: on its appearance, value, and even comfort and privacy. Plantings and trees, especially, can transform any space, adding to its beauty, blocking noise and even regulating extremes of temperature. A professional landscaper will be able to advise you on the right trees and plants for your purpose.

Adding beauty and value to your home
People value their yards, gardens and outdoors spaces, and spend as much time as possible there. Whether they?re relaxing, gardening or entertaining, they consider the outdoors an important part of their total living space. People who spend time outdoors also look for ways to improve the space. In fact, over half, or 51%, of people who spend more than six hours a week in their outdoor spaces, also plan to improve them in some way.
Landscaping improves the curb appeal of any home, and adds to its value. In fact, the vast majority of realtors over 90%, always advise home sellers to invest in landscaping to increase the home?s value. And home buyers, too, are willing to pay more for homes with green spaces. In fact, landscaping offers a 215% return on investment. While enhancing home values is important, people have many different purposes when considering landscape design.

Landscaping for a purpose
One of the basic rules in landscaping is to have a long term plan in mind, and to remember that any changes you make will be around for a long time. Plants and especially trees will grow and change with the seasons and over the years. Trees take a long time to mature and should be chosen with a number of factors in mind. How high will a tree grow and how close to the house should it be planted? Is it for ornamental purposes or should it provide shade or a buffer from street noise?
Trees and all plants in general also provide wildlife habitat and you may want to pick those that will attract songbirds, bees or butterflies. Native plants are especially suitable for wildlife habitat. They are also better adapted to local climate and conditions. Professional landscapers will be able to advise you on the best plantings for your purpose, and also direct you to a wholesale nursery where you can get the plants you want without breaking the bank.

Landscape design can add to the value and beauty of your home, as well as its practical functioning. Professional landscapers are best placed to advise you on the appropriate landscaping design for your space, whatever your goals may be. Whether you?re looking to create a wildlife habitat, screen your house for privacy, or add color to your garden for all seasons, a landscape architect can help you make your vision a reality.

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June 2024
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