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realtorsHome staging is meant to make a home more appealing to potential buyers. While you are looking at homes for sale, it’s essential for you to be aware of how staging can guide your perception. There might be issues hidden behind the display, so you need to know the tricks for looking beyond it. During the home buying journey, ask yourself the following questions while walking through a home.

Do you see potential in the floor plan?
Realtors know the tricks to make a floor plan look ideal for everyone, but you need to decide whether this particular home is ideal for you. Take measurements and picture your furniture in the space. If you have children, consider which areas you can turn into play spaces. Make a list of your spacial priorities before you consider buying a house.

How does the lighting affect the space?
Some spaces look better during certain times of the day, so consider looking at the home during the morning and evening on different days. If the lights are dimmed, turn them up. You want to love the room with any type of lighting, not just that which makes it look most appealing.

Are there any small signs of damage?
A beautifully decorated home may distract you from visible damage. This is why you need to look a bit closer. Peek under the sinks for water damage and walk around the home to inspect the foundation. Look carefully at wooden features for rot and for any roof damaged. You might get so wrapped up with the opportunity to buy a house that you may miss these details, so slow down and look closely.

What are your senses telling you?
Even though 44% of buyers look online for properties, there is a reason why you also take the time to look in person. Ignore air fresheners and music. Rather, pay attention to the smells and sounds of the home and neighborhood. Is there anything that strikes you as unusual? Also be sure to trust your intuition. If a home just doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right for you.

While you are considering whether a house is suited to be your home, remember to consider the option of professional realtors. They will be able to advise your purchasing decision and answer any questions you may have. Be thorough with these questions. You never know what you might learn about the home.

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June 2024
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