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Walking canes

Over the past decade, the field of medicine has improved dramatically, in large part thanks to the developments that have taken place in technology. These developments have helped people to live longer and to have better lives all across the nation. While this has brought about plenty of good in this country, it has also brought about some negative consequences that were completely unintended.

This may seem odd to hear at first but there is an explanation for this type of thought process that explains everything so that it makes sense. Now that medicine is improved, it has allowed people to live longer than before in this country. This means that there are now more senior citizens across the United States than ever before.

These senior citizens still have to deal with issues that can come about as you grow older. Some of these issues involve Dementia and Alzheimer’s, but some of these issues can be more dangerous and involve senior citizens being seriously injured from falling. Here are all of the facts that surround wooden canes and how they can help senior citizens.

Right now in the United States, just about 10% of all people over teh age of 65 use some type of cane to help them with their mobility. These canes range in their makeup from wooden canes, to stylish walking canes, and to even classy canes. No matter the type of cane they use, it is just important that older people are getting the proper help they need with their mobility.

Every single year in the United States, one out of every four adults will fall. For younger people this not as dangerous as it is for older citizens. This is because younger people have stronger bones and stronger bodies and thus they can deal with the pain that comes along with falling. But older people bruise easier and can even break bones just by simply falling.

Amongst older adults, over half of all falls will take place right inside their very own home. Again, this may not seem all that dangerous for the average person, but if older senior citizens fall in their home, they could be living alone and this can leave them exposed to serious ramifications. If they are unable to reach the phone then they are likely to be hurt in their home for a while.

The simple use of wooden canes can help people prevent serious injuries that are caused by falls. This is important because so many of these falls that result in injuries can be prevented by older citizens using wooden canes. Plus, finding wooden canes for sale is so easy that there is no reason for an older senior citizen to not have a cane.

In the United States, over two million senior citizens will end up visiting an emergency room for an injury caused by a fall annually. This means that every time 11 seconds go by a senior citizen is treated in the emergency room for a fall. This statistic shows why using wooden canes are important for senior citizens.

Right now there are almost 7 million Americans that are using assistive devices like wooden canes to aid their mobility. Plus, just under 40% of all senior citizens over the age of 85 are using wooden canes and other mobility devices to help them with their aid. There is no shame for anyone to use a cane because it is the most widely used mobility device in teh United States with almost 5 million Americans using it to help them with mobility.

In Conclusion

There is no question that senior citizens can benefit greatly by simply using wooden canes to help them with their mobility. These falls that are caused by slips or by dizziness can be prevented by the use of a cane or other types of mobile-aid devices. Senior citizens should not feel ashamed to rely on these types of assistive devices because in the long run, it will help them prevent serious injuries from happening as they are trying to be mobile around their home.

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June 2024
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