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If you’re looking to have a dream wedding but need to save some money, you can certainly have a beautiful wedding in your own backyard! While it might not have been something you would have thought about doing, just keep an open mind as you read this article. You would be surprised just how beautiful of a wedding you could have in your backyard, or in the backyard of a friend or family member’s house. Guests will be in awe of your decorations and how you were able to completely transform your backyard into a dream wedding space!

You know that planning any sort of event or party takes time and that there are a lot of details that go into it. You have to worry about invitations, wedding decorations, gifts for your guests, catering, and all sorts of other elements! You have to think about renting a tent, renting chairs, table linen rentals, and much more. Planning a wedding a fun and exciting time, but it can also be super stressful.

Want to learn how you can do it yourself? Read on!

1. DIY decorations

Have you ever heard of Pinterest? It’s a great site where you can save “pins” that you like for wedding ideas. Pinterest has pretty much anything you could ask for: home DIY ideas, recipes, and even makeup tips, but it’s especially great to look for DIY wedding decor. You would be surprised at the beautiful ideas that are on there, which can end up saving you hundreds of dollars. Some of these great decor ideas include hanging flowers, mason jars filled with water and floating candles, and artificial flowers arranged beautifully and dollar store vases. Decor can make a space look incredibly different, and with the help of some affordable strings of fairy lights hung in the trees in your backyard, you can make your space look magical.

2. Getting the right linens

Don’t underestimate the power of some beautiful linens for your dream wedding! This can range from the linens tied to the back of your chairs to the tablecloths that are long and flowy. Not familiar with rental linens? These are high-quality, elegant pieces such as tablecloths, table runners, napkins, sashes that can make your event look out of this world. Especially for a wedding, which can give a very regal, elegant, and chic look to your event space.

3. Think about your guests

When looking for white folding rental chairs for a backyard wedding, be sure to think about the headcount for your wedding. You don’t want to leave someone without a chair! It is often easy to forget the long list of people who might be attending, so if you need to double-check, be sure to do so.

4. A little something sweet

When thinking about your guests, also try and think of cute gifts you can give them. There are hundreds of ideas across the web, including little jars of honey, bags of sweets, and other fun gifts.

Other fun ideas for your dream wedding include having a photo op set up (which doesn’t have to be expensive), games, and music. Your guests will have so much fun at your dream wedding, and you won’t be able to believe that you saved so much money on such a beautiful wedding!

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April 2024
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