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Craft storage bins

When you first started the weekend project your husband joked that you would need at least a 58 cube organizer to achieve your goal!

After years of promising to spend time in the basement to get everything organized, you finally achieved your goal. And perhaps to spite your husband you were thorough about the task of throwing out and donating the articles that have been in the lower level of your home for years. With the use of two different 15 cube organizers you now have a place for all of the most frequently used craft items. Things that are used less often are neatly organized and stored in a couple of floor to ceiling mobile craft organizers.

Craft Organization Systems Help Consumers Create a Useable Plan for Sewing and Scrapbooking Supplies

We are a society that likes to buy, collect, and safe stuff. Lots of stuff. In fact, some recent research indicates that the average home in America currently has as many as 300,000 items. Finding the one item that you need when you want it can be a challenge if these items are not organized. As a result, there is an entire industry that has evolved around producing organizational furniture of all sizes. From tiny sized 15 cube organizers that are used for crafts like jewelry making to much larger sizes of craft storage bins, craft storage carousel, and craft storage drawers, consumers can find almost any kind of item that they want.
Available in a variety of wood stains, as well as a number of different colors, craft furniture ideas are available to match almost any decor. In an effort to get organized, however, it is important to make sure that when you get ready to organize that you carefully consider all of the items that you have. The popular organizational trend of dividing what you have into three piles for keeping, trashing, and donating is a great starting point. In fact, if you take the time to sort through the things that you want to keep, the things that you want to throw, and the things that you want to donate, you make the organizational stage of the process.

Tracking the Trend of Hunters and Gatherers
This is not exactly a scientific theory, but have you ever wondered if our obsession for buying and collecting more can be linked back to our species’ initial need to be hunters and gatherers? Perhaps it really is an innate need for all of us to hunt and gather during our lives. And as we have reached the stage in our society where we only need to go to the grocery store around the corner to get what we need for our family meals, maybe we have decided instead of food, we will now search for the perfect kind of quilting fabric. In the next step, as grocery shopping became as easy as ordering what you want online and having it delivered, we now have even more time to dedicate our hunting and gathering instincts toward our tendency toward crafting.
It might seem a little crazy, but the less energy we have to exert on the tasks of getting our food might mean that we have transferred those energies toward other hunting pursuits. The perfect binding for that t-shirt quilt. The best scrapbooking paper to finish up the senior memory album that you are creating for your son.

Unfortunately, the more that we buy the more we have to spend on organizational furniture like 15 cube organizers and stackable furniture cubes. Funny, right? Once we find all of the craft items that we have been hunting for, we simply move onto the next task: hunting and gathering matching 15 cube organizers!
Not surprising, crafters are younger than the population in general. In fact, 35% of crafters are between the ages of 18 and 34; 37% are between the ages of 35 and 54, and 28% are over the age of 55. Interestingly enough, even these statistics seem to reenforce the theory that the hunter and gather instinct is transferring to quilting, scrapbooking, and other crafts. Rather than searching for the food that we need to feed ourselves and our families, we are searching for stuff!

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April 2024
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