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For many adults, palm grip canes or another type of mobility aid is a necessity as they grow older and encounter further mobility issues. And the use of palm grip canes or other walking canes is certainly not uncommon – nearly 7 million people in the United States alone use a mobility aid to some extent, palm grip canes included, and nearly 5 million of these Americans choose to use a cane as their mobility aid of choice, making canes (and palm grip canes) the most popular mobility aid currently used. The use of mobility aids, as is expected, increases with age. While only just over 10% of seniors over the age of sixty five use a cane or other mobility aid, nearly half of all seniors eighty five and older use one on a regular basis.

Functional canes have proven to be important in preventing injury, especially in older Americans and senior citizens around the world. In fact, every eleven seconds, a senior citizen is seen in the emergency room for fall related injuries. And a shocking 25% of adults sustain a serious fall every year in the United States. Because half of all of these falls takes place in the home environment, bariatric canes and walking stick can help to prevent these sometimes serious, life altering injuries significantly.

Palm grip canes can become necessary for a number of reasons. For instance, one of the most common causes for the necessity of a cane is osteoarthritis. Another is that older people often cite dizziness and unsteadiness when they stand up as well as when they walk. Some people just feel weak in general as they age, and other causes related to chronic conditions are common. And canes don’t have to be ugly! Many canes, especially nowadays, could even be considered a fashion accessory. First, canes come in all kinds of materials. Wooden canes have proven particularly popular, as they look stylish and timeless all at once. Many cane users own more than just one cane, and will switch them out depending on the occasion. Elegant walking canes can be seen at formal events and stylish canes are often perfect for every day use.

Using a cane is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, through using a cane many senior citizens can maintain a higher level of independence for longer than if they did not use a cane or other mobility aid. The use of a cane can save a life, and can also provide a sense of security as well as stability.

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July 2024
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