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Landscaping architect

Every single year there are Americans that decide they want to upgrade their home through renovations. These renovations can potentially make significant changes to the interior design. For instance, these renovations may change their kitchen, basement, bedroom, or bathroom. However, people also love to completely renovate their landscaping situation as well.

Anyone that wants to get the most out of their landscape design should look to get the help of landscaping companies or a landscape architect. People really value having their lawn look nice and furthermore, some people have stated that they will pay more for a home in a nice green space. Just about 63% of all people involved in a survey stated they will pay more money for an apartment or house that is located in an area with nice green spaces.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals used a Harris Poll to conduct a survey amongst 2,034 adults over the age of 18 in the United States. This Harris Poll has revealed that just about 75% of all American adults believe that it is important to spend time outside in their yards. This is why people will go out of their way to hire a talented landscape architect to help them get the most out of their yard.

A Landscape Architect Can Increase A Home’s Value

When a homeowner goes to sell their home, they will learn swiftly that the housing market is no joke. It is hard to get a house sold in a short period of time and often the price is not what the homeowner wants. However, stats have proven that hiring a landscape architect to do work on their home can help.

A study was conducted to determine the results of a landscape architect doing work on a home. Just about 90% of all real estate agents have encouraged homeowners to invest in landscaping before they sell. This is because it can help boost their home’s value on the market.

Another study revealed that 97% of all real estate agents have recommended landscaping as a time five home improve recommendation. So hiring a landscape architect can help a homeowner get value for their home. As a matter of fact, a homeowner can get a 215% return on their investment when hiring a professional landscaping architect.

A Landscape Architect Can Make Your Home Look Better

Recent studies have revealed that just about 83% of all Americans believe that having a nice yard is important. Also, just about 90% of all people with a yard believe it should be well-maintained. This can be done by the homeowner or a landscaping company can help with landscaping services.

Of those adding plants to their yards, 92% are choosing plants that are native to their region. This allows for people to have plants that live longer than those who are not native. This is just how people can get help from a landscape architect.

A landscape architect can help seriously make an outdoor area incredibly to use on a daily basis. Just about half of all homeowners have upgraded their outdoor spaces and then they spend six or more hours there per week. As a matter of fact, the top three activities that take place outside include relaxing, gardening, and entertainment activities.

A landscape architect can also help homeowners get plants and landscaping designs that can boost their home’s efficiency. Properly selected and placed plants can lower home heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%. A tree shading an outdoor air conditioner unit can increase its efficiency by as much as ten percent.

In Conclusion

Real estate agents know the world of homes more than anyone else. So if they are willing to put themselves out there saying there are great benefits of hiring landscaping companies then it may be worth your money and your time. Make sure you consult with a talented landscape architect to get the most out of your landscaping renovations!

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June 2024
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