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Living in a small space can be difficult. If you live by yourself it is a lot easier because you don’t have to consider anyone else. But, if you have roommates or family living with you then you have to consider their tastes and needs as well. Furnishing a small place like an apartment or a condo can be a dreaded task but hopefully this article will help you by giving you some ideas of condo furnishing options that everyone can enjoy.

We all need shelves for either books, decorations or even to store things. Bookshelves that sit on the floor take up a lot of unnecessary space if you don’t need a lot of shelves. The best answer for that is something called floating shelves. Shelves are that attach to the wall with seemingly no support. All the support is in the back of the shelf so the end look is a very clean and uncluttered way to display your items.

Painting just one accent wall, preferably the smallest wall in the room, is a great way to add dimension to a small home. However, if you are renting in this is not an option a great alternative is to paint your furniture. If your furniture is mostly one color then you can add an accent color on an end table or coffee table. Condo furnishing options don’t have to be limited to your renters agreement. When your furniture shopping for a condo or small home buying cheaper furniture that you can refinish our paint is a good idea.

Open storage
This may sound cluttered but it doesn’t have to be. If you need extra storage in your kitchen for example, a metal shelving unit can add to the Decour of your kitchen as well as the functionality. Matching baskets are a great way to hide things that you don’t want seen in open storage.

Especially in rental properties, flooring can be disappointing. The owners have not replaced the carpet there could be stains or rips from previous residents. Or maybe the entire place is tiled when you really would’ve liked carpet. In any case, finding extra large rugs that go with your decorating can completely change the look of the room. Large rugs can be expensive but a small area rug can also give you a more homey effect.

Where you place your furniture is a huge part of condo furnishing options. You have complete control over this area of decorating so take advantage. Not everything has to go around the walls of the room. If the room is big enough, floating the sofa to give a little separation in the room can be very beneficial.

Illusion is your friend
In a small place you can create an illusion of grandeur by hanging fancy drapes or installing a small chandelier or even buying a four poster bed. As far as drapes go, always remember to hang them so that when they’re open the entire window is exposed and then when they are closed the area where the window is looks a lot bigger.

Making things bigger
Just like the above point about the drapes, there are other things you can do to make your small home look bigger. A lot of lighting, lighter colors, mirrors and less clutter can all work together to make a small room appear bigger than it is.

Double whammy
Buy furniture that can double as something else. For example, your couch that can turn into a guest bed when needed. Or a coffee table that doubles as a toy chest when you take the lid off. Buying one piece of furniture for two or more functions will not only increase the value but lessen the amount of stuff that you have to have filling up the rooms.

There are so many condo furnishing options to fit any home furnishing budget. Have fun with it and don’t get stressed out about the space and soon the ideas for furnishing a condo or apartment or small house will be flowing out of you and resulting in a dream home for you and your family.

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May 2024
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