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When you purchase furniture, especially quality pieces, it’s ideal for keeping it in the top condition as possible. People consider their furniture to be the main accessory in their home—a calling card when someone first enters your home. They aim to make a first good impression on their guests, so why wouldn’t their furniture quality be top-tier? Furniture is an investment that both first-time and older homeowners take much pride in. They want their furniture to maintain its pristine condition as if they just purchased it. Research shows, 91% of sofa-buyers believe quality and durability are essential when making a purchase—nearly 36% of sofa-buyers expect to keep their newly purchased sofa from 5-9 years, and 28% of people intend to keep it for a maximum of 15 years or more. However, general wear and tear in addition to material deterioration causes most furniture to lose its appearance, typically making people purchase new furniture in a short period. Although most furniture buyers aim to ensure quality, unfortunately, that’s not the case for many buyers. Thankfully, there are alternatives for those who have quality and non-quality furniture, furniture covers.

Tips When Choosing Furniture Covers

Choosing a durable cover for your furniture is highly important to ensure prolonged quality pieces that are protected for as long as you desire. When understanding the logistics behind choosing couch slipcovers or fitted mattress covers, it’s important to learn the fabrics and design of your furniture—there are certainly fitted mattress covers or sleeper sofa slipcovers made for specific fabrics and pieces to effectively preserve their quality. When choosing fitted mattress covers or sofa slipcovers make sure to inspect the type of fabric used in slipcovers, it plays an important role in the durability. The most durable slipcovers fabrics consist of twill blends, canvas, cotton, and denim that are available in a variety of areas, including wing chair recliner slipcovers, wedge bolster covers, sectional couch covers, and even custom slipcovers for distinct furniture pieces. Be sure to also consider the material underneath the cover. Slipcovers are designed to fully the furniture’s materials—heavy-duty and thick fabrics are the most durable, while heavyweight fabrics like velvet and chenille don’t allow for the best form-fitting material to protect your furniture. Instead, go for lightweight coverings that support outdoor twin mattress covers, patio furniture covers, and slipcovers for outdoor furniture that are typically very durable for a water-resistant coating without the need of something like Scotch Gard. Certain polyester and microfiber fibers provide a better-fitted appearance with a lighter-weight, which benefits replacement silver covers, and patio furniture cushion covers—cotton is a lightweight, natural fabric that can withstand all high temperatures and very breathable. Some of the polyester and microfiber fabrics can provide a fitted appearance but tend to be light-weight, this works well with materials that require extremely breathable materials like fitted mattress covers, daybed covers, and even pillow covers.

Types of Covers: Your budget and overall lifestyle determine the type of covers you choose. Purchasing a ready-made cover is sometimes the most affordable way to protect your furniture—fitted mattress covers and custom pillow covers are the most idea covers for furniture that requires little special care. Manufactured in standard sofa sizes, many slipcovers are typically machine-washable and easy-care which makes them the best choice for securing your furniture. Research conducted by, Furniture Today, predicts furniture sales in the U.S are projected to increase in the next five years, reaching $122 billion by 2020.

Measuring for size:One of the first things to consider when deciding on a durable sofa slipcover is the size of your sofa. Be sure to measure its length from outer arm to outer arm meticulously, then the depth from the front of the couch to the back, and finally the height from the floor to the top of the tallest cushions. When taking note of measurements, be sure to focus on the shape of the cushions for an accurate measurement.

Details: Additional details are what add flare to a traditionally boring mattress or couch. If you’re in search of a new look, be sure to include intricate details such as dust ruffles, buttons, textured fabrics, or even a decorative trim to your 3-piece sectional couch covers or fitted mattress covers.

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June 2024
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