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It is not a certain statement by any means that people love to move. People move a lot. People move all the time, but that doesn’t mean that people love to move. Most people don’t even like to move. In fact, if we’re totally honest about it, most people hate the very idea of moving.

They hate it so much that they would rather stay where they are and commute farther to a new job rather than go through the trouble of getting local moving quotes, boxing up their things, and heading across town. For some, to find a mover is the equivalent of finding a good dentist. You need the tooth pulled, but you don’t want to take the time to have it done right.

The actual truth is that roughly 43 million Americans move every single year. For reasons simple and grandiose, people pack up their most precious belongings, get local moving quotes, find a moving company, schedule moving helpers, and move to a new destination. If you go by the average number, then the average American will do this 12 times during their lifetime.

There are several reasons people move. Here are three of them.

1.) You are done with and out of college.

You don’t go away to college to prepare yourself to stay there. You go to college to prepare for life after college. After college, 77% of graduates will move into a new community at least once. It is the beginning of adulthood. Get after it! Find a crib of your own!

2.) If you’re a renter, chances are you don’t want to stay that way. Chances are, you want a home or apartment that you own, that is yours. You might be renting now, but sometime soon you will want to get a few local moving quotes and figure out what it is going to cost to get your stuff into the home you just settled on. Every year, about a third of renters move. That is the shape of things.

3.) People move away from somewhere.

If you live in New York, you might be sorry to hear that your state is the one most move from. At least it was in 2015. That’s ok, though. New York is not for everybody. But it is worth noting that many people are not simply moving to a place, they might be moving away from one.

Regardless, if you are moving, you need help. It is the very rare individual who can carry a hope chest up three flights of stairs, or a dining room table from the curbside into the dining room without damage to the table or the person or both.

Moving is an event that most people would rather put off until tomorrow to accomplish. The truth and reality are that can’t always be the case. If you need to move, get some local moving quotes and find the best people for the job. The are your belongings. Take the best care of them you can.

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May 2024
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