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People love the ocean and waterways. As proof of this, about 39% of the population of the United States, or 123 million people, lived near a coast in 2010. Many more people like to bring the ocean into their homes through interior design. Nautical decorations such as nautical clocks, nautical wheels and life preservers can add color and whimsy to any home. There are other things you can do to bring the feel of the ocean into your living space.

  1. Start with your flooring. This is as important as what you place on your walls. You can recreate the look and even feel of the coast when you get the right flooring. Many people opt for various kinds of wood flooring, depending on the look they are going for. Lighter wood can evoke the feeling of a beach house or dock. Darker wood can bring the feeling of being on a pirate ship. Some people opt for light and airy feeling laminate flooring that has been stone washed. All are good options pending on the nautical theme you are looking for.
  2. Pick the right color for your walls. Yes, you are going to want to hang things like nautical clocks and the like but you still need to have a nice wall color. Think blues and greens. If you are going for a feel of looking like you are at the beach, you can make your floors either a light, distressed wood or you can go with a beige. Either way, when you then couple that with the right color wall, you really will be bringing the beach home. If you are going for a sailing or pirate ship, think about the same kind of thing.
  3. Do not forget your ceiling. People do not always think about how they are going to incorporate their ceiling into the theme of the room but with a nautical theme decor, you can really do a lot with that space. It all depends on the exact nautical design you are shooting for but keep the entire space in mind. In keeping with the beach theme, painting the ceiling a light blue or combination blue and white can really extend the look. If you are going for the look of a pirate ship or sailing vessel, keep that in mind when you are looking at what to do with the space above your head.
  4. Add some bridge windows. You know those round windows you see on ships and sailboats? They can be perfect additions to your home to make it look and feel more like you are on a boat than looking through a window that was made for one. These can be a lot of fun.
  5. Incorporate ship items into your decorations. Think about anchors, nautical clocks, ship wheels and life preservers. These do not have to be in the form of the actual items but you can get drapes, rugs, pillows and images to hang on the wall. It is impossible to look at these items and not feel like you are sailing on the sea.
  6. Get a bunch of maps. The earth is covered in water. That makes maps a perfect nautical design item to include in your nautically themed home. Old timey looking maps or new ones all can evoke a sense of the ocean. Globes can also augment the look you are going for. Plus maps and globes are a lot of fun.
  7. Bring sea animals into the look of your home. Items like sea horses, starfish, seashells, coral, seaweed and whatever other creatures that live in the sea will bring the look and feel of the water to your home. You may even want to think about getting a fish tank. You can fill it with very pretty and relaxing fish. People say they find watching fish to be very relaxing. They can also add a really nice splash of color to your decor.

There are a number of reasons that millions of Americans live near the water and that millions more visit the beach every year. It is beautiful and relaxing. From bringing in nautical clocks to using the right colors, you can bring the sea home.

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June 2024
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