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furnished unitAmericans enjoy buying homes, but they also love renting apartments. In fact, about 42.5 million housing units are currently occupied by renters across the United States.

If you’re thinking about finding some quality apartment units for renting, you might want to educate yourself on what types of units would work best for your particular living situation. From luxury furnished units to tiny studio apartments, here are some various types of apartments that you should consider as you search for a new place to live:

  • Studio apartment — Studio apartments are great for living on your own for a year or two. Typically, a studio will have a full bathroom and a kitchen but won’t have very much space. There are, however, convertible studio apartments available in some instances. These units are much larger with enough space to be walled off for a specific dining area or a bedroom.
  • Loft — A loft is like a studio apartment, but much larger. These units are single large rooms with high windows and very high ceilings. Lofts aren’t exactly great for families, but for a single person in their 20s or 30s, they are excellent renting options.
  • Two-bedroom apartment — This style of apartment is probably the most common across the country. These units involve having two bedrooms, a common living space, and a kitchen area that is often separated from the rest of the apartment.
  • Duplex apartments — These are much larger units that can accommodate large groups of friends or families. They are apartments with two levels and could potentially have bathrooms and kitchen areas on each level. In some instances, however, the upper level is designed specifically for sleeping, while the bottom level acts more as a common area.

Keep in mind that some of these rent options can be transformed into luxurious furnished units as well. If you want to learn more about furnished units or find high quality apartments for rent in Bridgeport, give Meadow Creek a call today.

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April 2024
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