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A recent survey revealed that about 47% of Americans have not changed up their home decor in about five years. If the pieces were purchased with care, meaning the lines reflect modern furniture design and were made with good materials, then the decor will stay looking fresh even after a few years. If the furniture was not purchased carefully, then the decor will likely look dilapidated. But what makes one piece of furniture last longer and look better than another?

How to Furniture That Will Look Great Years From Now.

Fine furniture has a secret that cheaper versions don’t, and as with many things it has to do with what is unseen. The materials used to build the support beams in sofas for example, need to be built with strong wood using the right methods.

Maple, Pine, or Cherry? What Wood to Choose For Your Modern Furniture.

The type of wood used to make a piece of wood furniture matters because woods come in different degrees of hardness. A harder wood is more difficult to scratch, dent, and unlikely to wear down over time. Some beautiful hard woods include cherry, walnut, maple, and mahogany. The characteristics that make these woods attractive in building also make them more expensive as a rule.

The softer woods such as pine, red and white cedar, poplar, and balsa to name a few. These woods do have instances in woodworking where their traits are preferable. Soft woods, especially balsa, are lighter than hardwoods because they are not as dense. These woods are a good furniture option for people who plan to move their furniture often and would prefer the act to be less work. Also, when refinishing a piece pine is often preferred for staining and painting because it creates an easy application as opposed to hardier woods such as walnut.

Deciding On the Right Sofa: How to Determine Quality.

It can be difficult to determine the quality of a sofa from the showroom floor. Some couches are so uncomfortable it is immediately apparent that they were cheaply made. Other fine sofas may be well-made but nearly indistinguishable from their shoddy counterparts just by sitting on them. To really know the difference, an inspection is required.

A well-built sofa will have some or all of these building features. Firstly, the frame should be built of a good hardwood, with joints instead of nails, staples, or glue. A dove tail or finger joint is excellent. Secondly, the suspension system can be a sinuous spring or webbing, but the suspension needs to be tight to prevent early sagging. If the couch has long cushions along the back, check to see if the inside has compartments to keep the fill evenly distributed. Without compartments, the fill will settle and become lumpy and unsupportive.

Buying modern furniture is easier and cheaper than ever. However, ease of acquisition doesn’t equate to getting quality. A good piece of contemporary furniture should last. In fact, one survey of about 2,000 participants found that 95% expected their furniture to last them a long time. Knowing how a fine piece of furniture makes buying quality easier.

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May 2024
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