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Has your office been experiencing more absenteeism than usual? Even though it is flu season, and many people also come down with the proverbial common cold, there are ways to minimize this. When you take a moment to look around, you may see a clean office – but how clean is it really?

Were you aware that you can reduce absenteeism by as much as 46% when your office is cleaned on a regular basis? Furthermore, when employees work in a clean office, they are also 80% less likely to catch a cold or develop influenza. If there’s a lot of dust in the air or the carpet, this can actually affect your employees’ cognitive skills as well. Studies show that dust exposure can reduce these skills by two percent to six percent! While that may sound like a small percentage, it can definitely make a difference in how many errors are made at work.

If your office is carpeted, there’s a good chance that germs, dust, and other allergens are lurking there. Since the Environmental Protection Agency recommends that homeowners should deep clean their carpets every six months or more often, you may want to check that calendar to see when your office’s carpets had a deep cleaning. When your office space receives a considerable amount of traffic, it would be a good idea to clean it more often than every six months.

While most employees are responsible for keeping their own work stations clean, what about the common areas, such as the employee lounge or bathroom? Since many offices may have employees that take turns cleaning these and other areas, it would be interesting to know what types of cleaning products they’re using.

According to a study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency, traditional household cleaners contain toxic chemicals. If your staff is using these types of products, it’s important to note that traditional chemical cleaners are more likely to cause cancer. In fact, these cleaners are actually three times more likely to cause cancer because they’re more toxic than the air outdoors. Furthermore, if there are over 150 toxic cancer-causing substances floating around people’s homes from these products, imagine the toxicity level in the air at your office.

Given that one out of every three chemical cleaning products has ingredients that adversely affect human health or the environment, using green, or eco-friendly, cleaners is recommended. When these products have a “100% Vegan” label or statement on them, this means that they haven’t been tested on animals. It also signifies that they don’t contain any animal by-products.

Rather than you and your employees taking care of the cleaning, why not hire an experienced maid cleaning service? In the event that your cleaning services are already outsourced, do they use eco-friendly cleaning products? If not, you’ll want to hire an experienced maid cleaning service that does use green or Vegan products. While it will definitely depend on the type of work that your office or business performs, you may also be interested in a variety of custom cleaning services. Same-day maid services are usually available as well.

When you hire an experienced maid cleaning service, there’s an excellent chance that you will reduce absenteeism and raise cognitive skills at work. Then there’s the matter of making a positive environmental statement. Since traditional cleaning compounds, along with soap, are responsible for creating 30,948 tons of hazardous waste every year, you’ll be reducing this waste. Since you want your work environment to be as clean and healthy as possible, hiring a dependable maid service will assist you with accomplishing this goal.

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April 2024
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