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Private investigators in miami

Private detectives and their work have always been of interest to people. One of the most famous fictional characters of all time, Sherlock Holmes, was a private detective along with his trusty sidekick, Watson. Holmes and Watson were asked to do everything from figuring out mysterious deaths, to figuring out the location of a stolen show horse. Hint, there is a reason the watch dog did not bark!

Unlike in the fictional encounters of those English detectives, modern private detectives usually have slightly less glamorous jobs. The most widely recognized use for a private detective is surveillance work. In this type of situation, private detectives are asked to follow spouses with questionable past times, untrusted business partners and employees, potential husbands and wives to large fortunes, et cetera. They see how long they spend working, get an idea of their habits, and might take pictures of incriminating behavior as evidence for the client.

Though this does happen, it is not the only thing private detectives actually do. In reality, the large majority of private detectives, about fifty percent, actually work for businesses such as credit collection services or insurance companies. There is one case that is commonly mentioned in introductory business law books, about a firefighter who claimed lifelong disability benefits owing to injuries sustained to his back while on the job. The insurance company was suspicious of the claim, and sent someone to check up on him, only for the private investigator to find the supposedly injured firefighter lifting heavy boxes and behaving in a very non injured way. The insurance agency then sued the ex firefighter for fraud.

If you are looking for a fraud examiner Miami, you will probably be looking to hire private detectives for the job. In situations of potential fraud, a private investigator can conduct background checks, do surveillance work, and skip traces.

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July 2024
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