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Key west real estate

Key West Florida real estate exists in area that feels so pleasant and exotic that vacationers forget they are still in the U.S. While Key West is an annual destination for northern snow birds, there are over 24,000 residents that make the city of Key West their year round home. As such, Key West is not only a favorite destination for vacationers and seasonal residents, Key west real estate offers many options to those who are looking to invest in a high end home.

Among the many types of homes among Key West Florida real estate, are Key West condos. Although there are many traditional style homes that your Key West real estate agent can show you, investing in a condo is a wise decision for those who desire the equity of home ownership, but do not want to the responsibility for exterior home maintenance. However, for customers for whom condo living is not quite their thing, a Key West Florida real estate agent can put home buyers in touch with other Key West homes, including the most luxurious beach homes. In fact, some of the most spectacular beach homes can be found among Key West Florida real estate. Key West and the Florida Keys are among the most beautiful locations in the United States. As Key West Florida real estate is about a two and a half hour drive from the U.S. mainland, it is just far enough away to feel exotic. For those who have have actually purchased Key West Fl real estate, they know that Key West is like no place else in the continental United States. Helpful links:

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April 2024
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