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After the last two months, you realize the value of finding the right new home. Your current house is only 2o years old, but you have recently had to schedule a lot of repair tasks and building updates. In fact, this latest job of replacing most of the windows in your house cost far more than you would have guessed. Last week’s roof replacement project was not as expensive, but it was full of complications. After waiting more than six months after you made the deposit, when the roofing materials finally arrived you did some double checking yourself and realized that they were the wrong shingles. Knowing that your current home owner’s association only accepts two different styles, you are very glad that you noticed the mistake as soon as you did.

Many home owners who already live in pretty nice houses definitely see the advantage of moving into a brand new home. With all of the progress that has been made in maintenance free materials and energy efficient products, in fact, a new home can save some home owners both money and time. Moving into a new home before you have to go through the expensive and time consuming process of replacing a roof, windows or heating and cooling systems is especially tempting if you are considering a newly designed planned community.

Buying one of the new homes in a planned community means that you are making a purchase that has been tested in the area. The builders know that they have spent time researching the best kind of exterior products that will require the least amount of maintenance and the heating and cooling systems and appliances are of the highest efficiencies.

The latest modern home designs allow families to spend more time enjoying their space than the planning for repairs and upgrades that go on in older home models. Did you know, for instance, for every five Americans there are two who indicate that they are strongly considering a brand new home. In fact, as many as 41% of the population indicate that they somewhat or strongly prefer a newly-built home over an existing one. With the latest modern home designs that are available in the newest builds, you are able to finally live in a space that matches the trends of the time. As another advantage, the taxes on a new home are significantly lower in the first 12 to 24 months than they are on a similarly valued resale home.

Are you ready to start looking at a new modern home design that fits into your current budget?

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July 2024
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