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You feel the winds calling at your back. It’s time to make the transition from one place to another, but you have an entire country to consider and only so much time to make your decision. Where do you go from here?

Modern home builders are not just familiar with this conundrum. They’ve all but mastered it. Choosing the right home for you is a combination of community, personal preference and budget, all of these details falling into place like ingredients in a baked cake. Just like you wouldn’t overlook the necessity of flour or frosting, you shouldn’t brush off the plethora of little elements that could help you discover the home you’ve always wanted. While no journey is easily summed up in a few hundred words, the list below will get you on the right track if you’ve ben turning your sights to Florida.

Here are five little details to help you become one of today’s modern home builders.

Florida Is A Popular Destination

The Sunshine state has been a popular destination for quite some time. That’s because it not only boasts thriving local cultures and beautiful beachsides, but plenty of benefits for new modern home builders. Florida is one of only seven states that doesn’t collect individual income tax at the state level. The other states include Washington, Wyoming and Texas. Need an example? If you buy a home in Florida and declare it as your primary ‘homestead’ residence, you will receive an exemption for the first $50,000 of value for property taxe purposes.

Look At Family Friendly Neighborhoods

Do you have children? Are you expecting a new baby? Finding a new home is more than just choosing the best price…it’s also about choosing the best neighborhood to raise your family in peace and comfort. ‘Walkability’ is a term used to denote a city or town that’s easy to move around in without a car, as many of today’s Americans are quite keen on saving money while still being able to move from place-to-place. Take these factors into account when finding new homes in Florida or any other state.

Consider Your Must-Have Elements

There are some things nobody feels they can go without. Are you someone who loves to spend time outside in their yard gardening, reading or barbecuing? Do you love living by the beachside? Get these details out of the way so you’re not left wanting when you move into your beautiful new home. A recent survey on personal comfort found over 80% of respondents stating they believe having a yard is very important. Another 60% reported they would pay more for their home if it was located near good green spaces, such as a park or with plenty of trees.

Remember Your Homeowner Tax Obligations

While taxes aren’t the most enjoyable of details, they need to be buffed out so you can gain all the benefits of your new home. Taxes on a new house are significantly lower in the first one to two years than a similarly valued resale home, so consider this when you’re out browsing the real estate market. Two out of five Americans admit the primary reason they want to purchase a home is to finally become a homeowner, with a similar amount stating they would rather have a brand new home than a pre-owned one.

How To Buy A Home

Becoming a homeowner is a big responsibility. You have a mortgage to hammer out, taxes to keep in mind and all sorts of day-to-day maintenance to consider. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. More people than ever before are embracing the possibility of becoming modern home builders and taking each step in stride, from choosing a community that speaks to them to figuring out just how large they want their backyard to be. There are a plethora of master planned communities in Florida to choose from and enough budgets to meet you halfway.

Are you ready to own your own home?

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July 2024
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