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At least the weather is good!

After nearly two full weeks of rainy days, you were more than relieved when you woke up on your moving day to see the sun shining. Parts of the lawn were a little muddy, but you know from past experience that the movers will stick to the driveway and the sidewalk as they transport your furniture and other large belongings to the truck Unfortunately, this is the third time that you have moved in three years, but your husband’s company has promised that this transfer will be the last. As a vice president in the company for the first time, the new transfer means that he will have some longer days for awhile, but at least the moving will be over.

Professional Moving Services Offer a Wide Variety of Services and Price Ranges

Whether you are looking for white glove delivery services from movers who specialize in expensive antiques and furnishings or you are looking for an efficient way to relocate your business to a new office space, if you do your research you can always find a company that offers the services that you are looking for. Scheduling your movers as soon as possible can help you prepare for a transition that only gets worse if the details are left until the end.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the mobility of today’s society and the impact that these moves have on the nation’s economy:

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  • Employing as many as 122,600 employees, the moving industry has a yearly payroll of $3.6 billion.
  • Although an a intrastate move only costs about $2,300, an interstate move of about 1,225 miles costs as much as $4,300.
  • At 68% of total movers, South Dakota has the highest percentage of people moving out of state in the U.S.
  • In 2016, the economic impact of the moving industry totaled $85.7 billion.
  • The revenue created by self-storage in the U.S. every year amounts to $36 billion.

The best way to prepare for any difficult transition like a move is to stay as organized as possible. If you have the resources to hire a professional moving company, you can automatically have the organization that you will need to make this an easy transition.

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July 2024
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