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Conversation topics for couples

Picture it. That thing you most dread. That social situation that dries your mouth and clams your hands.

Dinner conversation.

No matter how much you seem to have in common with your guests or hosts, it always seems to be far too difficult to find great conversation starters. Every once in a while you meet someone who just seems to have it all figured out, and for whom dinner conversation topics are a breeze, but rather than inspiring you, those people only serve to reinforce your fear that you will never be like them.

Well here is a little secret about some of those people. They prepare topics beforehand. You heard me, they go into a social setting with fun conversation topics all ready to go. They do homework for socialization.

And there is absolutely no reason you cannot do the same thing. Coming up with great topics for conversation is only difficult to do on the spot because the pressure seems so great. So why not come up with them when the pressure is off, and your mind is free to be as creative and entertaining as you know it can be? You will be amazed at the amount of great conversation starters you can come up with when no one is around.

Have you ever been in a social setting, like a dinner or other gathering, when you could not think of anything to say, only to leave that situation at the end of the night and come up with sheer conversational gold on the way home? And you say to yourself, “Why could I not have thought to say that while I was there?” With a little forethought and practice, you can not only show up with great conversation starters, but gain the confidence to be more spontaneous and be the life of the party you know you can be.

Conversation Starters


April 2024
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