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You are at the bar when you see her. The most beautiful woman you have ever seen in your life. What do you do? Do you approach her and tell her a corny joke? No, that will not fare well. Do you just walk up to her and ask for her name, or do you introduce yourself first? Breaking the ice can leave the most confident Casinova flustered and speechless. In the time it takes you rack your brain of everything you have ever learned in life to find a great conversation starter, she pays her tab and leaves the bar. You may never see her again.

So how do you ensure that you never let an opportunity like that slip through the cracks again? Well, you could always come to the bar next time equipped with a great conversation starter. Available online are plenty of conversation topics for couples, dinner conversation topic ideas, and lists of fun conversation topics for any and every occasion. Do not be caught off guard ever again with a great conversation starter.

There are even products like table conversation cards to get you and your family chatting away. There is nothing worst than an awkward silence at the dinner table. Why not turn your conversation into a fun game that the entire family will love? With a great conversation starter kit at your disposal you can keep the younger ones engaged and off of their smart phones while at the dinner table. They will be so enthralled with the conversation, texting will not even be a thought in their heads.

Maybe you have just started a new job and want to get to know your colleagues a little bit, but are not sure of what to say, where to begin. Instead of blathering about nothing and sports idly over lunch, find a great conversation starter, and really get to know who these people are, what they believe in, what their passions are, where they see themselves in the future, and what led them to their current job. The path to a great conversation is always open, all it needs is a great conversation starter!

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July 2024
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