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Have you been living in the same home with all of the same home decor decorations for years and are finding everything around you to now be dull and boring? Perhaps its time to breathe some new life in your space with new furniture and lighting for your home. From your bedroom to your living room finding furniture that is right for you could be the key you need to be happy in your space again. Mission style living room or mission style bedroom furniture could be the items you need to remember just how much you once loved your house and how much you could once again love your space. Join the 48% of homeowners who have already designed to re decorate their homes in 2018 alone. But first let’s consider the important things, such as lighting and what exactly mission furniture is.

Lighting in your home is one of the most important things to consider. From decorative lamps to accent lighting beside the fireplace, having some source means that not only can you see one another after the sun drops down below the horizon but also that you can see the items around the room. Choosing the correct lighting can be an important part of any room that you are planning on changing around and updating. Take your time when it comes to planning out your interior lighting for your home. Be sure that whatever you pick is correct for you and your family and that you can see things after dark.

What is mission style furniture?

Mission style furniture is furniture that originated back in the late 19th century. This furniture has a heavy emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines made with the types of wood. The wood is raw and naturally and all of the spots where it joins together are easily identifiable. It can come in all different shades of wood and all different types of furniture from bedrooms to dining rooms to living rooms.

Pair your new furniture and lighting items with some nice new rugs and you’ve got an entirely new look for your living room or bed room that will impress your guests and make you fall back in love with that space in your home that you’d forgotten how much you’d enjoyed to begin with. Considering that most interior designers recommend that you re do your living spaces every ten years, it is probably about time that you get a move on making your home the place that you once fell in love with all over again. With just a few simple changes it’ll be as if you’re walking into your home for the very first time all over again. Do yourself a favor, make your home the place that you’re happy to be in, that you’re happy to once again call home.

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May 2024
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