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The holidays are a great time to rearrange your furniture and get rid of some unwanted clothes, but they’re also a time for even more clutter.

Once you toss out all the wrapping paper and recycle the boxes you’re left with even more things to organize. How do you keep track of it all, much less situate it in a way that’s both appealing and easy? You organize your crafting materials and knick-knacks with the best craft room designs. Home storage and organization is practically an art form in of itself, inspiring devoted online communities and fresh hobbies by virtue of the joy it brings everyday life. Want to make sure you’re not feeling the cluttered holiday blues once the year ends?

Keep these next tips close. They’ll completely change the way you look at your home.

Crafting Is Good For Your Health…So Do It Often!

You might turn to crafting to shed some stress from the workweek. Focusing on the movement of your hands beneath cloth or the shuffling of paper to board can be an incredible source of good energy. Turns out there’s some science behind it, too. A study published in The British Journal Of Occupational Therapy found over 80% of respondents with depression reporting feeling much happier after a knitting session. A few hours of crafting a week can provide you the therapy you need to feel your best.

You Lose A Lot Of Time Digging For Lost Things

Here’s another area that’ll no doubt appeal to the hard worker in all of us. When you organize your crafting materials — putting them somewhere you can easily spot — you save yourself some much-needed time. The Wall Street Journal recently reported the average American executive wastes six weeks every year searching for important documents that have been lost to clutter. The Daily Mail also found that, over the course of a lifetime, people will spend a staggering 3,600 hours trying to find displaced items. Imagine what you could be using that time for instead!

A Side Business Isn’t A Bad Idea, Either

If you’re thinking of making a little extra money on the side, consider turning your mobile craft organizer into your small business. Recent research from the Association For Creative Industries shows crafting is becoming quite popular lately. Back in 2010 just 55% of American households participated in crafting…by the time 2017 came around? Nearly 65% of households regularly enjoy crafting time. Etsy released a survey asking its members about their work spaces, finding the vast majority at 95% working from home. That quilting hobby you’ve picked up or acrylic painting skill you have could make you some mean bucks!

Children Can Pick Up Some Good Habits, Too

Thinking of teaching your kids some useful life skills while disguising it as playtime? Organize your crafting materials and get all the rooms in the house tidy by spreading the love of organization. The average American home today has over 300,000 items in them. The average 10 year-old, thanks to British research, owns over 200 toys and plays with just a dozen of them. Magnetic canisters and modular cube storage furniture is incredibly cute, able to be stacked and tucked in any space. This can turn a chore like cleaning into a game, a win-win for the entire family.

Organization Is Easy To Do With Good Resources

Consider asking for some multifunctional bedroom furniture for small spaces this holiday season. The benefits of an organized life are simply too numerous to count…and that’s even if you organize them! When you organize your crafting materials and day-to-day items you save hours over the course of your lifetime. Regular crafting will reduce rates of anxiety and less clutter will have you in a much more cheerful mood throughout the week. On top of it all, you can even turn your hobby into a side business.

Whether you want to rake in a few extra hundred dollars a month or just curb your stress, living room organization is a fantastic place to start.

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April 2024
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