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Floral arrangements for funerals are a tradition that has been around for a while. Fresh flowers were used many years ago to help with those who were deceased and allow families to pay their final respects. When a funeral comes around flower shops or a local florist are a great place to check into sending flowers for the funeral reception. Read below to see why floral arrangements are a popular choice for funerals.

Better Late than Never

No matter how diligent the family is at sending out the sad news, it can travel rather late sometimes. Those who hear about a death in the family may want to send their condolences but are unsure of how to do so. Flower arrangements are a great way show your sympathy. Plants and sympathy flower arrangements can be sent to the family’s home to show your support during this troublesome time.

Certain Types

There is not necessarily a specific type of flower that is appropriate or not for a funeral. Any type floral arrangements that are tastefully arranged and designed are okay for a funeral service. While this is the case you should keep in mind that some flowers will last longer than others. Tulips for example have a short lifespan of only three to seven days. Consider points like this before making a decision as to what type of flower arrangement is best for the funeral.

Out of Town Services

Sometimes when funeral service news spread, people from out of town want to send flower arrangements, but they don’t quite know what to send. Different flowers are popular in different locations. This can make it hard to determine the best arrangement. Ask your local florist for a recommendation or just ask them to make an arrangement based on what locals are accustomed to.

Multiple Services

Sometimes families have a viewing or memorial along with a funeral. It can be hard to determine what kind of flowers are best for multiple services, especially when you don’t know what they layout will be, where it will be held or if your not familiar with the layout of the facility. This is where a spray is beneficial. These can be moved around from one place to another easily. If you skip the spray consider spreads that are in vases with water. This will help keep the plants and flowers alive and brighter and greener for extended periods of time and even days.

Flowers are popular, and everyone knows that. Valentines day marks the number one holiday where flowers are purchased and mothers day is popular as well with one-fourth of holiday flower purchases being made on that day. That doesn’t mean that holidays are the only days for flowers though. Choosing to send flowers as a symbolic show of sympathy can help a family through a tough time like a funeral. Flower arrangements are a simple yet stunning way to let the family know that you are thinking about them during this time of trouble.

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July 2024
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