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When someone gets older and needs a little more help with their daily life, there are a number of types of assisted living facilities that can offer different levels of help. Many people choose to go into assisted living apartments when they want to maintain as much independence as they can. These are apartments that have help close by if it should be needed.

If your loved one is moving into a senior living community, they may want to know more about assisted living. It’s helpful to look through the website of the communities that interest them as well as to take a tour of the property. You can learn a lot about assisted living facilities by visiting them in person. You can also ask questions and find out what you need to know about the facility.

To learn about nursing homes, you can also decide to go through a referral service that has a lot of information about different facilities. This can be helpful to learn more about these facilities and to find out why it’s being recommended by the service. Often, you can also ask for referrals so that you can talk to families who have used the facility.

Assisted living facilities offer care for a number of options, but one of the most common reasons people search out places like assisted living apartments if for a loved one dealing with Alzheimer’s. There are more than 5 million people in the U.S. currently living with this condition and more than 15 million caregivers for them are unpaid because they are family members. It can be a hard decision to put a loved one in an assisted living facility and a confusing time with emotions feeling like they are scattered all over the place. Follow these tips to help you determine the best options when it comes to this decision.


This is a big question to ask yourself. When is it time to place a loved one in an assisted living facility such as assisted living apartments? A good indication on how to answer this question is the time you start wondering it. By the time that the question pops into your mind that is a good signal that the time is drawing near. You should start researching your options and deciding which assisted living facilities can provide the level of care needed for your loved one.


Costs of assisted living facilities can vary greatly depending on amenities offered. Check around and find ones that offer amenities desired but are still within the price range needed. Some long term care insurance policies help defer some of the costs, but majority of the time payment for such facilities is up to the individual. Determine a good cost that is reasonable and find places such as assisted living apartments which fit within that price range.


Elders who are looking at moving into an assisted living facility are realizing that their life is changing quickly. Being able to bring their belongings will help with this transition and help ease fears with change. Be sure to check with the assisted living apartments or other facility of choice to see what can be brought. Some allow pets while some don’t. Some are furnished while some allow individuals to bring their own furniture. Allowing them to keep little pieces of their home while moving can help with the entire process.

Group Activities

Group activities are important to help individuals branch out, get to know their surroundings and begin to start feeling more at home. Find out what types of activities are offered. Try to choose a facility that offers activities which appeal to the individual. This can help take their mind off a trying time with lots of changes and help provide some sort of fun things for them to do. It can also help them make new friends to help the entire transition process go more smoothly.

This is a tough decision, but following these tips can help the transition go smoother. Mental preparedness is important, and knowing that you did your homework can help ease your mind. Remember that both you and your loved one are going through this period. Keep open lines of communication and talk about your feelings. No matter how many activities are offered your loved one is still going to love seeing you. Allow them time to adjust, but also visit to let them know you are still there for them.

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November 2022
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