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Fun conversation topics

Meeting someone new and trying to make small talk can be a little bit hard if you happen to be shy. Just think of your embarrassment of not having anything to say when going out to dinner on a date with someone new. What would be a good dinner conversation topic is something to think about beforehand? You can ask your friends for suggestions for great topics for conversation while out on that all important first date. Experts also give advice on great conversation starters. In fact, you can find books on the subject that have a list you can go over for great conversation starters.

Of course, there are so many other social events that you will attend now and then where you may be the one to start up a conversation. Think of sitting at a table for a club meeting, a wedding reception, a business meeting, or at a church social, etc. All kinds of social situations can come up where you find yourself in the company of people you don’t know. When no one talks, it can get pretty uncomfortable. Some people are naturals at coming up with great topics for conversation. Others need a little help. The next time you are in a situation where an uncomfortable silence develops, begin with some fun conversation topics.

If you are hosting an event where no one knows each other, try setting out table conversation cards. This is a great way to break the ice in these kinds of situation. Some great topics for conversation for a cocktail party would how a guest met the host. Of course, you always want to ask the person’s name too if you are not formally introduced. Have a dinner party you have been asked to? Some great topics for conversation would be topics on current musicals, plays or movies. Also, topics about food and drinks are also great topics for conversation. You may even bring up how the restaurant is decorated, etc.

Great topics for conversation for social events depend on who is attending the event and what the event is for. For instance, if you are at an event with a lot of doctors in attendance, then great conversation topics would be on medical trends and such. Great conversation topics could also include HIPAA compliant technologies for those in the medical industry, and so on.

Conversation Starters


July 2024
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