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Ballantyne homes for sale

Charlotte real estate prices are quickly going up! The Charlotte North Carolina real estate is booming because there are now so many people living in the area. With three quarters of a million people, it is no wonder that the Ballantyne homes for sale are going for much higher prices than we were traditionally used to seeing out of the real estate charlotte nc used to boast that was so cheap and easy to buy. Realtors in Charlotte NC are being flooded with people that are not as informed about the thirty six percent growth over the last ten years the Mecklenburg County’s population. It is this lack of knowledge that is leaving the Charlotte nc homes for sale vacant for so long. Good Charlotte real estate is not hard to come across and if you are living in the proximity of Charlotte schools in Mecklenburg then you are looking at an average housing cost that is less than two hundred dollars per square foot. This is so much lower than the national average, but it is higher than what many North Carolina residents are used to and it is also a lot higher than what many out of towners who were expecting dirt low costs to come across when they shopped for the perfect southern home. If more people began to understand that Charlotte North Carolina is not just a horse and buggy kind of town in the south but a booming metropolitan with a great aspirations for success and the hub for banking, then perhaps they would see value in the city itself and stop complaining about the Charlotte real estate prices that are being presented before them. Therefore, if you are planning to relocate to Charlotte, be prepared to pay more than you would have traditionally expected in the South but be ready to get a great value for every dollar that you spend. Charlotte real estate is hot now! If you dont think the Charlotte real estate prices are fair, then check out other markets. It is pretty much that once you do the cost comparison you will find that Charlotte real estate prices are very competitive compared to elsewhere.

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July 2024
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