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You’ve probably heard about the American Red Cross at some point throughout your life. For 365 days each year, the American Red Cross is able to provide relief for people by providing food, blood, blankets, and shelter. This charity is able to provide these amenities with the help of donations from others. One study found that 70% of people throughout the United States donate to charity annually. You can help this charitable organization achieve its goals by preparing clothes donations. With that in mind, here’s how to decide which types of clothing to donate.

How to Determine What You’ll Donate

Statistics gathered from the EPA found that the average American throws away nearly 10 pounds of clothing per year. Not everyone is aware of what happens after throwing your clothes in the trash. Throwing away clothes you don’t want contributes to the growing problem of overcrowded landfills. Donating these clothes not only helps to solve our nation’s landfill problem, but it also feels good to help those in need.

Before you can begin helping others, you’ll need to figure out what’s going to turn into clothing donations. There are several ways to help you determine which types of clothing to donate. Considering that, here are four reasons to consider donating certain types of clothing.

It Doesn’t Fit Anymore

If your weight has changed throughout your life, you’re certainly not alone. Whether losing or gaining weight, this changes how your clothes fit. As tough as it might seem, it’s important to think if these clothes will ever fit again. If not, there’s nothing wrong with that. These make perfect types of American Red Cross clothing donations.

Consider Donating Clothing You’ll Never Wear

Everyone has fallen victim to impulse purchases. This is something that retailers everywhere rely on to make sales. For certain people, their impulse purchases involve buying clothing. Unfortunately, trends change fast within in fashion industry. This could mean you’ve got a closet filled with clothing that you’ll never wear. If you haven’t worn these items within the past year, it’s unlikely things will change. Considering that, you’ll certainly want to consider donating these types of clothing.

Your Tastes Have Changed

By this point, there should be much less clutter in your closets. Now, look at what’s left and determine which articles of clothing you want to keep. Most likely, you’ll find that there are more than a few pieces of clothing you no longer want. Instead of keeping these clothes hidden, consider turning them into American Red Cross clothing donations. There’s nothing wrong with having changing fashion tastes. Your changing taste allows others in need to have access to clothing.

Don’t Throw Away Items in Bad Condition

It makes sense to assume that stained or otherwise damaged clothing isn’t suitable to donate. However, charitable organizations can still recycle these pieces of clothing. With that in mind, consider separating clothing you’re planning to donate by each item’s condition. You can keep the unwearable pieces of clothing in a separate box or bag. Many charities are able to use these items as other forms of textiles.

In closing, there are many ways to determine which types of clothing to donate. If you’re thinking about donating clothes, consider making these donations to the American Red Cross. American Red Cross clothing donations are sent throughout the world to many people in need of essential supplies.

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July 2024
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