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While it sometimes may seem as though there are an unlimited number of fun conversation topics, it can often times be a struggle for people that are trying to come up with something around the dinner table. When it comes to great conversation starters that never fail, there is always pop culture. One of the most interesting topics that is sure to be a hot dinner conversation topic this week is the announcement that Kate Middleton went into labor early on July 22, and that a new royal baby has been born!

The New York Times, Fox News, the BBC and just about every other news organization on the planet has a story out about Prince William and Kate Middleton being in labor. Fun conversation topics like these could give rise to people discussing their own experiences. Parents might recount what it was like to their children when they were born. Newlywed couples may find themselves discussing what it would be like to have a baby of their own.

There are other fun conversation topics that people could discuss that regularly dominate the world of pop culture. If there are fans of music at the table, people could find themselves able to talk about a myriad of things, including if and when an album from a new artist may be coming out.

Movies are also a good when it comes to figuring out dinner topics of conversation. Did anyone see Man of Steel? Did they notice how many Disney movies have totally bombed at the box office over the last year? Has anyone been wondering why horror movies with half the promotion of summer blockbusters have been doing better at the box office overall?

Without conversation, a dinner could feel like it is dragging on for hours. Pop culture is one of the few things that almost everyone keeps up on to some degree. Even if they have not heard the latest gossip, chances are that they will at least know who you are talking about!

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June 2024
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