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Private high schools

When it comes to choosing the right school for your child, the decision isn’t always outright. With so many things to consider, the process can be pretty frustrating, especially when choosing between public school and private school. The following factors, however, are some of the main reasons you may want to choose independent school over public school.

Academic Perfomance
Academic performance is one of the main advantages of private schools. It’s also one of the major concern for parents thinking of private education system for their children. Private schools have a reputation for quality education and sound teaching that ensure academic success for students. They are also known to hire qualified, experienced and committed teaching staff that delivers nothing but the best. But this doesn’t mean that public school teachers are incompetent or anything like that, but it’s their dedication that is wanting.

The high level of academic excellence in private schools can also be attributed to their core education values, school enrichment programs, and diverse courses. They offer a comprehensive educational approach to help students excel in education and grow their skills and talents. Some schools even offer fine arts as part of their academic programs and not just an extracurricular activity. This equips students with the essentials to thrive in competitive education and working environment.

Tacher-Student Ratio
There is a huge disparity between the number of students per class in private and public schools. Public schools usually have large classes and it’s common for teachers not to know every student in the class. In private schools, however, they have small classes of about 20 students. This provides an ideal environment for teachers to interact with students on a more individualized level and enhance a sound teacher-student relationship.

Teachers in private schools have a better understanding of their students. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and what they can do to improve. This is also one of the advantages of private schools over public schools.

Discipline is Key
Discipline is an important contributor towards academic success. And that’s why many private schools highly encourage discipline and ethics among students. These institutions have strict rules that govern all students, and anyone who defaults is often punished accordingly. The best private schools have been able to maintain a high level of discipline by conducting a thorough assessment of students before admitting them.

Unlike in public schools, where a mistake can go unpunished, private schools have developed measures to curtail and deal with any case of indiscipline. Some of the major behavioral offences that could mean a suspension or an expulsion for a student include cheating, sexual misconduct, stealing, bullying and substance abuse.

Undisturbed School Programs
It’s no doubt that when teachers go for strikes, it’s the students that end up losing. At the end of the month, they’ll receive their salaries and allowances. This is a common occurrence in the public education sector and it’ something that disrupts the normal running of academics. In private schools, mass actions and strike are rare, and when they happen, they are handled swiftly. This allows minimum academic disruption and students can resume back to their studies.

Other than these advantages of private schools, this system allows your child to be exposed to a host of lifetime opportunities through strong relationships with other students.

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June 2024
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