Your Life Isn’t the Only One You’ll Change When You Decide to Adopt a Child

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  • 17 May, 2016
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Adoption is definitely not something to take lightly. Not only are you making a life changing decision for you, you’re potentially changing the life of a child out there. So before you leap head first into the world of adoption, there are some things that may be helpful for you to know.

How many children are currently in the foster care system?
There are currently almost 400,000 children in the United States living without permanent families in the foster care system. Over 100,000 of children in foster care are eligible for adoption, but nearly 35% will spend more than three years in this system before that ever happens. The amount of orphaned children is frightening, and even more frightening is the number of those children who are growing up without permanent families.

How long does the average child spend in the foster care system?

On average, a child will wait three years in the foster care system before being adopted. Over half of these children will have had more than three placements by the time they’re adopted, while over 30% will have changed schools and fallen behind educationally. In addition, more than 58,000 children are being placed in group homes and institutions rather than traditional foster homes, which can often increase the amount of time spent without a permanent family.

How does the adoption process work?

The first step in any decision making process is to actually make the decision. You want to adopt? The next part of the process is going in and visiting an adoption center in your area. At any adoption center, they’ll be able to answer all of your questions and prepare you for the process of adopting a child. There’s a lot of paperwork involved, but this intensive process can often help make up your mind about whether or not you’re ready to adopt. It’s not something to be taken lightly, and it deserves an ample amount of time to be thought about.

Adoptions can be life changing events for both parents and children. Almost 90% of parents who decided to adopt said that they would do it again, and that they’re happy with the changes in their lives. If you think adoption could be the path for you, then don’t hesitate to visit your local adoption center and ask your questions! You never know whose life you could be changing next.

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