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Watching loved one get older can be a difficult thing. Especially when they are your parents or people you have been close to for years. There’s watching them get older and then there’s seeing early detection of dementia and Alzheimer’s setting in. While there are memory care activities for seniors and activities that can be worked on, Alzheimer’s is the only condition in America’s top ten causes of death that cannot be cured, prevented or even slowed. There are care options for Alzheimers patients such as assisted living in memory care facilities. These are also good for patients suffering from dementia. At home caregivers often get to a point where they can no longer care for their loved one at home and they need the constant attention and care of a professional. This is nothing to feel guilty about and is precisely why these homes are around. If you suspect early detection of dementia then it may be time to look into a home for your loved one. Here are a few benefits of letting your loved one live in a care facility.

Restores Your Relationship
Caregivers often have strained relationships with their loved ones. Even if they were close before, the stress of taking care of someone even during early detection of dementia can be a lot. Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients can be demanding, impatient and sometimes abusive without meaning to. Caregivers, which are normally close family members, sometimes feel an obligation to just take it but it begins to build up a resentment in them. There is no reason why anyone should feel like they have to be someone’s punching bag, even if they have a mental illness. Setting up your loved one in a nice and relaxing nursing home would be best for them and for the caregiver if this is the case. It would allow them to begin to restore the relationship that they had before now that the caregiver is not responsible for them anymore.

Refreshes Their Mind
While dementia and Alzheimer’s cannot be slowed or prevented, there are activities that the patients can engage in that will give them longer periods of lucidity. This is helpful for the family members so when they come and visit they have a longer time with them in their right mind. Early detection of dementia can be an indicator that they haven’t been challenging their mind often enough and if it really is early, then they should be able to lengthen those lucid periods with these activities offered in memory care facilities. Longer lucid times help to strength brain and memory muscles so that the periods can continue to grow.

Relaxes Them
Being able to relax is very important for dementia patients. Stress can cause episodes to take place. Most nursing homes have great outdoor areas looking over beautiful views. The patients can sit out there and read or work on puzzles or do whatever they like to relax. Knowing that they are being taken care of and the person caring for them is not stressed out will help them to be able to remain calm and in control for longer periods of time. It’s crucial that dementia and Alzheimer’s patients understand what it is to truly relax their bodies and not over stimulate themselves trying to get better.

Tells the Truth
It’s only right that patients understand that they are not going to get better. As difficult a conversation as that can be, living in a home provides the opportunity to sit down with a counselor and talk realistically to the patient about their condition. They may be more prone to hear from a professional about it than from a family member. Honesty is always best but you’ll have to make sure that it is a good opportunity and that they’re lucid and in a good mood otherwise they may get upset or not believe you or the counselor.

There are many other reasons why moving to a nursing care facility could be the best choice for you loved one but this will get you thinking along the right direction. Make sure that you research facilities before choosing one and that your loved one appreciates the home you choose.

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June 2024
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