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Affordable bedroom sets

Why is the interior design for your bedroom so important? “The bedroom is where you spend a third of your life, and no room in your home is more personal,” explains an article in the Examiner. “It should speak to you.” Luckily, there are many great tips you can keep in mind in order to have a bedroom that is beautiful, functional, and comfortable, while also staying on an affordable budget. Here is our three-two-one guide to better bedroom design.
Three Tips for Home Furniture Designs

  • House Beautiful recommend that, for rooms that have a softer hued, lighter palette, orange accents can add nice warmth and a punch of color. Home furniture stores often carry orange accent pieces such as lamps, chandeliers, pillows and mirror frames that can draw the eye without being overwhelming.
  • Moroccan-themed decor is popular right now, and can certainly be incorporated into your bedroom furniture. Anything from intricately painted side tables, to embroidered throw pillows can help bring some extra color and pops of pattern into your room.
  • Invest in the most comfortable mattress you can find. Research has shown that there is a correlation between mattress support and both quality of sleep, and daytime function. Consumer Reports recommends buying a new mattress if you wake up tired, your mattress is over seven years old, or if it feels lumpy. Many researchers recommend medium-firm beds as the best mattresses for back pain.

Two DIY Tips

  • HGTV recommends creating a DIY headboard in order to frame your space and add a stylistic touch to your bed. One easy way to add drama and elegance is to staple, fit and stitch a richly patterned fabric onto a wide plywood sheet that fits above your bed. It’s a cheap yet beautiful solution that visitors are sure to comment on.
  • Get the french rustic look by painting older wooden furniture in need of an upcycle with white or other pale-colored paint, then sand it down for a more worn and country look. If you lack old furniture, look for cheap wooden bedroom furniture online.

One Important Rule to Keep in Mind for Home Furniture Designs

  • Decide on a few accent pieces you really want to play up, and keep those in mind as you plan out your room. If you have a really textured wall decal that should get focus, or a stoneset fireplace, don’t weigh them down with surrounding baubles. Create a distraction-less look.
  • Do you have tips for better home furniture designs? Let us know in the comments. For more, read this link.

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June 2024
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