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House cleaning services clearwater

There are many benefits to hiring an experienced maid cleaning service. The top three people who benefit from hiring a maid service include busy people who enjoy a clean home and would like to save time; office facility owners who would like to provide their employees with a clean environment; and individuals who are in need of apartment cleaning when they are moving in or out.

Everybody prefers and enjoys a clean house to come home to from work. In fact, 87% of women feel that their clean home is a reflection of themselves, which makes cleaning a priority. However, keeping a home clean can be a tedious and very time consuming task for a busy person who works a full time job. For this group of people, finding a maid service may be helpful, since a household that cleans daily gains back 730 hours or 30 days a year simply by hiring a trusted house cleaning service.

Office environments can also benefit from hiring an experienced maid cleaning service in order to keep up with office cleanliness. Studies have shown that employee absences can be reduced by 46% when offices are cleaned on a regular basis. Also, employees in a clean office space are 80% less likely to catch the common cold and influenza, which means less sick absences and more productively. Hiring a maid cleaning service can solve these issues, and can also prevent workers from being exposed to dust which affects their cognitive skills by 2 – 6%.

Moving in or out of an apartment calls for an intensive, deep cleaning. Landlords can be strict, and expect a parfectly clean apartment when your lease is up. Even though 84% of Americans believe it is necessary to have a clean carpet in order to have a clean home, only 55% of homeowners actually deep clean their carpets every six months or more which is what the EPA recommends. For this reason, hiring an experienced maid cleaning service can assure that your carpets will be clean. It is also a great way to make sure you get your deposit back when moving out of your apartment.

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May 2024
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