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Private high school in miami

High school is one of the most involving parts of a student’s education. It’s designed to prepare your child for the world that lays ahead of them, paving the way for either a part-time job or full-time education once they graduate. Many parents have started to grow frustrated with traditional classroom models and public schools, attempting and failing to give their child the one-on-one attention they need to truly thrive before they head out into the adult world. Should you be wondering about how best to give your children the best chance possible of succeeding, private schools are a wonderful option more and more Americans are starting to turn to.

Public Schools

More parents lately have started to find themselves frustrated with public schools. While they still offer basic education and can be incredibly useful for those that want a location close to home, public schools often provide less individual attention due to classroom sizes and traditional class models. Private schools, on the other hand, are well-known for offering your student everything they need to feel as if they’re learning to the best of their ability.

Private Schools

Private schools are seeing more enrollment rates than ever. There are over 30,000 private schools across the country, serving a collective five million students from preschool to senior year. They account for nearly 25% of the nation’s schools and enroll a total of 10% of all students. Unlike public schools private schools are much smaller and have a much more intimate learning environment by design, with 86% having fewer than 300 students overall. Increased safety is also a notable boon and one that influences many parents’ decision.

Security Concerns

An understandable concern of many parents is that of security. The last thing any parent wants when sending their child off to school is to feel they’re unsafe or even being put in constant danger by doing so. A study conducted by the Fraser Institute saw 70% of parents saying they felt the private school they send their children to is safe enough to put their mind at ease. The best high schools in Miami offer routine safety measures and drills to ensure the school is an environment students will feel secure in all days of the year.

Learning Environment

Not all students function the same. Some have learning disabilities, others struggle with mental illness and all students have their unique needs that need to be met with individualized attention on behalf of the teachers and staff. Private schools are able to do all of this and then some with their smaller classrooms and more intimate learning structures. A 2007 study provided by the Fraser Institute saw 90% of parents saying the dedication provided by teachers was their primary reason for choosing a private high school.

Giving Your Child The Best Possible Future

There are numerous benefits on choosing a private school over a public school. Parents who send their children to private schools have been found to be 80% happier with their academic standards than those who choose a public school. Private school classes are much smaller, with an average of 12 students for each teacher compared to 15 students in a public model. Last, but not least, private schools are incredibly safe and actively encourage students to feel secure, special and able to take on the world. If you’re concerned about your child’s future, the benefits of a private school will ensure they have the best possible chance.

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June 2024
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