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The roof is the proverbial cherry on your house’s cake. Without a decent commercial roof to complete your home’s design, something about it just isn’t going to feel quite right. A metal roofing company can help you with creating the ultimate aluminum roofing finish, from studying your current foundation to answering any questions you have about energy conservation or recycling. Metal roof installation has become the toast of the town for many homeowners as of late and, when you consider how many benefits come with this more modern design, it’s not hard to see why. Let’s take a gander at why a metal roofing company might be one of the best expenses you’ve made for your home.

What Kind Of Metal Roofs Are There?

First things first. What kind of variety can you expect from your metal roofing company? Well, metal roofs generally come in two styles. You have your vertical panels and your interlocking shingles, both of which can provide your home with the combined protection and longevity it’s craving. You can customize more than just your panel type, however. There are a plethora of colors and designs to choose from, as well!

What Colors Can I Choose From?

There’s no reason to worry about your home looking slapdash. Modern metal roofing options come in well over 100 colors, grouped together conveniently in the standard, premium and custom. Want a dark blue to compliment your lighter paint job? How about a classic brick red to stand out against your surrounding shrubbery? Your local metal roofing company has it all. Compare your color options to asphalt shingle roofs, most of which only providing 15 to 20 colors at the most.

How Long Does A Metal Roof Last?

Who wants to spend a significant amount of money only to see degradation in a mere few years? Certainly not the average homeowner. Thankfully, metal roofs can last an impressive 50 years or more with proper maintenance. A typical metal roof will also last anywhere from three to seven times longer than your typical asphalt shingles roof. But what about other benefits?

How Can I Save Money On My Energy Bill?

High energy bill? No problem. Metal roofing companies have been providing homeowners across the country with the reprieve they need during these expensive times. A metal roof can save you as much as 25%, sometimes more, on your yearly home energy bill. This is due to their strong design better keeping out the elements as well as discouraging leaks and cracks from affecting your overall temperature.

Can I Still Help The Environment?

It’s never been easier to use your green to go green. The average new metal roof contains anywhere from 30% to 60% recycled metal content. Despite this, they are 100% recyclable at the end of their impressive lifespan. Environmentally conscientious measures are not unheard of in most metal roofing companies and, combined with your efforts, a cleaner, greener world is just around the corner.

How Do I Install A Metal Roof?

A metal roof can cover all your problems and then some. Literally! A metal roof is great for protecting your home from suffering significant damage during storms and strong winds, able to withstand up to 140 miles per hour without a hitch. They come in a wealth of colors and styles for you to choose from, unlike asphalt shingles, and can save you a noticeable amount of money on your energy bill. Even the most expensive types of metal, such as copper and stainless steel, still cost less than most slate and tile roofs. What are you waiting for? Consider your local roofing company and how they can bring the best out of your home this year.

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June 2024
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