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Your home’s exterior should be carefully decorated and constructed as the interior. One of the crucial spaces to focus on when it comes to designing outdoor spaces is the deck. There are so many things you can do with a deck, and if constructed well, it can create instant curb appeal. Are you considering a back patio remodel? That’s a great idea that will not only improve aesthetics but functionality and value as well. Here are some tips for starting your back patio remodel.

Decide on a Deck

Before you dive into the different aspects of remodeling your deck, you need to invest some time in choosing the right deck for your home. The design of your deck usually goes beyond the usual aesthetic requirements for your home. This is because the style of this area can either complement your home or clash with it. As such, you should strongly consider the style of your home, your personal preferences, and functional must-haves when choosing a deck type.

To ensure you don’t end up with something you will regret, you should first think about the purpose of the deck. There are many reasons you may want to remodel your deck. For instance, are you looking for a 3 season porch that enables you to spend time outdoors any time of the year? Most people remodel their decks to have a better outdoor space for entertaining. If you host parties regularly, you will need to have a deck that can accommodate a considerable number of guests, a bar, and a grill as well. You can also throw in a staircase that leads down into the backyard to extend the celebration area.

A deck enables you to have a seamless transition from the interior of your home to the exterior. Apart from that, the exact functionality of your deck with be determined by your family dynamics. If you have young children, you will need a railing for safety. It’s especially important to have a glass railing if your deck is over a certain height from the ground. When it comes to choosing other materials for your deck, you should consider the maintenance and how much it will cost to replace them in the future as well. If you don’t want to part with a lot of money, it may be a good idea to choose low-maintenance materials. You can choose from a variety of materials that offer pristine quality while serving as finishing touches to your home’s architectural style as well.

Fix any Issues

Before your back patio remodels, you should first fix any issues with your deck. If there are cracks anywhere and structural integrity issues, these should be addressed before you start focusing on aesthetics. You can’t have a beautiful patio that can collapse anytime and injure the people who will be on it. As such, you can ask the contractor you will be working with to inspect the deck and note any issues that need fixing. Home remodeling and building restoration are more than just about looks. Structural integrity is important as well. This means part of your budget should be dedicated to fixing issues.

Clean Up the Space

This is quite basic, but it will make your space more livable. You can choose to do away with trees and bushes around your patio. This will unblock your view and it also makes the space safer for you. You don’t want to have branches collapsing on your head while you enjoy some outdoor relaxing time. All you need to do is find a reliable local tree service to clean up the area for you. Trying to remove trees and branches on your own is generally not advisable. You can end up damaging your space if you can’t control where the trees or branches are falling. As such, it’s generally advisable to let a professional do the work for you.

Make it Livable

If you are looking to spend a lot of time on your back patio, you should invest some money and time into making it livable. This includes choosing comfortable furniture, installing some insulation, and anything else that can make the space more inviting. There are lots of back patio furniture options to consider. You just need to come up with a budget first before you go in search of couches and other items. Insulation is great if your space is enclosed and an extension of your home’s livable space. It will ensure that your patio doesn’t lose a lot of heat during the colder months and vice versa. There are lots of options for insulating your patio. You can find a professional to help you out if you are not sure how to go about insulating the patio. You should also find a siding service to help protect your patio from bad weather and outdoor elements.

Add a Roof

If you want to add a roof to your deck, you will need to connect your new roof framing to the existing home. One of the easiest ways to do this would be to use posts, beam construction, and rafters that connect the deck beam to your home. Always consult with a residential or commercial metal roofer for this type of project. Adding a roof to your deck is great for shade and all-weather use. If you live in a very sunny area, adding a roof to your deck is a must if you want to use it at all. This makes outdoor living bearable. The roof will also keep your barbecue, outdoor furniture, and other times dry.

One thing you must keep in mind when adding a roof to your deck is that a deck alone can never support a roof. Adding the weight of a roof to your deck will negatively impact the deck’s structural integrity. This is especially true for heavy roof types. If you hire a commercial metal roofer, they will likely suggest that you support your roof with posts and beam. Your posts can go on concrete footings. You should ensure that the posts are deep enough to go beyond your area’s frost lines.

There are several types of roofs you can choose for your deck. This includes a gable, slanted, or hip roof, among others. Each roof type has its own advantages and disadvantages. The roof type of choice is generally determined by the location of the deck in relation to your home’s roof. Gable roofs are ideal for homes with low roof lines that won’t allow slang roofs. Most people use slanted roofs for their decks. These slope downward from your existing roof, and they are supported by a single beam and posts. A slanted roof is easier to construct than a gable roof. This is because it only uses a single beam instead of two. A hip roof is a combination of a slanted roof and a gable roof. If you aren’t sure which type of roof to go with, you can consult a professional roofer. They will analyze the location of your deck and recommend the best roof type for your budget and needs.

Add Air and Heating

If you need to cool and heat your back patio remodel, there are several types of units to choose from. Outdoor air conditioning units are basically big evaporative coolers. These work as substitutes for regular ACs if you want to cool outdoor space. They make use of a natural process of evaporation to create a cold breeze. Things to consider when choosing these coolers are output airflow and tank capacity. The size of the tank is what determines the cooling capacity of the system. Larger tanks are able to deliver a larger cooling effect. The size of your choice depends on the size of the space you are looking to cool. You can get an AC inspection if you need help determining the best size for your patio back patio remodel. The best outdoor air conditioners for back patio remodeling should generate at least 1000 CFM airflow.

There are several ways to heat your back patio remodel. You can either use an outdoor furnace, a fire pit, floor heaters, or a space heater. Outdoor furnaces are quite similar to the ones you find indoors. You can choose one that uses firewood, and you can even install a chimney as well. One this to note about outdoor furnaces is that they are usually built into the ground so you can move them. Fortunately, these are highly customizable and you can choose from a range of design options to suit your outdoor theme.

An outdoor firepit is another great way to heat your back patio remodel. Just like a furnace, you can get portable options if you want to personalize your layout. These can be powered by gas or wood, and they can be quite aesthetically appealing if you take your time with the design. Firepits are a great way to add character to your space and they make it super cozy and inviting. If you are looking for a more high-tech way of heating your patio deck remodels, consider heated floors. These should only be installed by professionals, and they provide a great way to melt fallen snow. If you are looking for a less sophisticated way of heating your patio, you can consider patio heaters. These are ideal for small spaces.

Install Light Fixtures

One of the final things you need to consider is the type of lighting to use for your back patio remodel. Considering it’s an area that you can use for socializing, relaxing, and cooking, you need to ensure you get the most out of this space. The fun has to continue after dark. Deck lighting is vital if you want to be able to use your deck in the evening. Fortunately, there are many types of lighting to choose from. Each type has its own unique functionality and look. All you need to do is browse the internet for some inspiration or talk to a designer to find out what type of lighting will go well with your back patio remodel. Once you have made your decision, you can engage a residential electrician and have the lights installed for you.

Post lights are among the most commonly used lights for decks. These are available in both single and multi-head selections. Multi-head lights can throw light on a significantly larger space. These lights are wired directly to the deck and they are quite weatherproof and durable. You can also add them to the tops of posts that hold your deck up. If you are not too fond of post lights, or maybe you want a combination of different types of lights, you can also try out rail lights. This is another popular choice. Rail lights are usually designed as LED strips. They are quite easy to install and they have a life expectancy of around 50,000 hours. This means you won’t have to worry about changing them from time to time. Rail lights are great if you are looking for even lighting for your outdoor living area.

Other light types you can choose from include stairs and step lights. This is great for illuminating step areas and walkways. The lights are usually installed directly into your deck structure. You can choose from solar, battery-powered, or LED options. Some step lights are also motion-activated. Wall lights and sconces are great if you are looking for a way to supply ambient lighting for doorways and access points.

Your back patio remodel should be well thought out and planned if you want the best results. You must also take your time looking for the best services to work with. As always, background checks and thorough interviews will help you choose the right contractors and service providers to work with.

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June 2024
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