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Good medical care shouldn’t just be effective. It should also be convenient.

If this seems contradictory, it’s time to visit an urgent care center. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to wait for your regular doctor to secure you an appointment. There will also be times your condition isn’t serious enough for the emergency room, but is painful enough to warrant timely primary medical care. The urgent care center helps millions of Americans every single day, treating moderate injuries and illnesses with a short wait time. Even better?

You can save money in the process. Here’s what an urgent care center can do for you in your time of need.

Did You Know?

The urgent care model is becoming more common these days. More Americans than ever are in dire need of support in their day-to-day, either struggling financially or too busy for traditional appointments. A 2016 study found more than one-quarter of American patients reporting they visited an urgent care center in the past few years. A troubling study found between 45% and 65% of all ER episodes could have actually been treated at an urgent care center. A convenient quality and cost is not just attainable, but easy to find when you reach out to your local 24 hour emergency care.

Moderate Injuries Treated At An Urgent Care Center

Have you suffered a deep cut you can’t seem to patch up? Are you worried about a potential splint after your morning jog? With timely primary medical care you don’t have to worry about waiting. According to the Urgent Care Association Of America’s 2016 Benchmarking Report, there are over 7,000 centers across the country. They’re designed to get you in and out in an efficient manner, no matter the condition. It’s estimated the majority of centers have a wait time of 30 minutes or less.

Moderate Illnesses Treated At An Urgent Care Center

It’s not just wounds that can be stitched and disinfected. If you’ve been suffering from persistent nausea, headaches, or breathing difficulties there’s a nurse ready to help. Back in 2015 it was found urgent care centers receive an average of 12,000 patients. That’s as many as 30 visits per day. Your average urgent care clinic is outfitted with experienced staff, advanced diagnostic and laboratory services, and access to emergency rooms just in case.

Preventative Care Measures You Can Seek Out

Last, but not least, you don’t even have to be in pain to receive the benefits of urgent care. Preventative care is an essential tool to keep you healthy year-round. You can receive STD testing (even if you’re not sexually active), yearly vaccinations, and physicals. You can also talk to a doctor about an overdue mammogram or a pap smear. Whatever you need to stay confident in your health, there’s a resource ready and waiting.

Taking Advantage Of Timely Primary Medical Care

Take a few minutes today to punch a note into your phone. Your local urgent care clinic is a useful resource to address all kinds of health issues, right alongside a short wait time and preventative care measures. You don’t have to worry about your insurance, as you’ll be seen and supported no matter your coverage. It’s estimated the average urgent care visit results in $150 or less, compared to the average $1,200 of the emergency room. The most common issues reported to urgent care clinics, according to the recent Benchmarking Report, is pharyngitis and acute bronchitis.

Stay healthy. Take advantage of your timely primary medical care this year and enjoy your life worry free.

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April 2024
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