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As tough as life can be, many countries foster a healthy attitude on donations. You have clothing donations, food donations, and even money donations–all with the intent of helping our fellow humans out. These have raised charities, usually each spearheading a specific issue, of which 70 percent of Americans participate in every year. Regardless of which, it is incredibly helpful for those in need.

One of the largest charities residing in the United States, the American National Red Cross, is ranked 13th in private donations. In fact, it received private donations to the tune of $687 million in 2014. That is not all Red Cross accepts. Red Cross donations can be summed into four categories: money, clothing, items and shelter. And every year they give and give, 24 hours a day, every single day of the year.

Donating Your Old Clothing

The importance of donating clothing can be summed up by one sad truth: Americans toss 10 pounds of clothing away every year. Instead, why not donate old clothing rather than tossing into some landfill? You would be giving your clothing a second life as well as helping a man or woman in need.

Many clothing garments are even sent to recycling, recreated into new articles of clothing. Or you can find the various drop boxes littered around stores and public areas specifically designed to leave clothing for donations, or various clothing donation centers.

The American National Red Cross Donations

As mentioned before, the American National Red Cross receives donations in the form of money. Red Cross donations are then used to fund the entire project, helping those in desperate need, a place to get back on their feet.

Those In Need Of Shelter

Not only does the American National Red Cross provide clothing and essentials, but also shelter as well, especially when disaster strikes. This is a big need for many, and that is an understatement, considering a large portion of homeless individuals, about 15 percent or 83,000 unique individuals, are unfortunate enough to be considered “chronically homeless.

What To Consider Before And After Donating

Whether you are donating cash, clothes or food, even if you have very little yourself, only betters everyone in the end, you can even see a small tax deduction when you donate. Mankind could use more focus on pulling each other up, rather than tearing each other down.

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July 2024
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