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First day dog training school fundamentals

1.Charge your markers
Charge your markers simply mean to let them do know when he’s about to get rewarded after a good deed or performance. Use a simple word like “yes” and when it’s mentioned, a reward such as kibble or a tug.

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It’s important that the dog knows what it did right to deserve a treat.

Step 2: Make sure the dog is interested and invested
If you want a dog to work for you, make it invested in you by getting it to focus and actually look at you. When it does that, mark it with a yes, and reward the dog. Engagement means the dog wants to work, and that’s what you want from a dog.

So if you are looking to charge your yes marker and create a lasting engagement at the same time, a reward system will work better to keep the dog invested and inserted in whatever you’re doing and saying.

What if your dog isn’t food motivated? What you do is give your dog the tug and play for a second, give the dog a bite or put the tug away, and while the dog focuses on you. Mention the yes marker and bring the tug out again. You can also motivate your dog by cutting its food a little bit and hand-feed instead of feeding them. Enroll your dog in a dog training school for more obedience.


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May 2024
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