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Ranch auction

A group of armed ranchers made headlines in early 2016 when they seized a federally-owned wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon. Regardless of any political intentions these ranchers might have had, part of their justification for taking over government property was their frustration over the fact that private lands and farms used for grazing, hunting, or fishing are disappearing. Between commercial developers, government acquisitions, and energy industry exploration, the once wide-open American frontier is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Many of the “big sky” states of the American west have become hot real estate property. Between the federal government buying up large tracts of land for creating wildlife refuges and more and more ranches being carved up and sold to developers, open land and ranches for sale have become scarce. This trend dates back to at least 1988, when media mogul Ted Turner bought the 100,000-plus acre Flying D Ranch just southwest of Bozeman, Montana for over $20 million dollars. Riding on the coattails of Turner, other investors and wealthy private citizens have been buying up land in Montana and other prairie states for decades now. In fact, land in Montana is being bought up so quickly that Montana?s population is projected to grow steadily by 14.1 percent until the year 2043.

If you’ve ever thought about investing in hunting and fishing land for sale, now might be the time. Montana and other states such as Oklahoma, Texas, California, and Tennessee are hot markets for luxury ranches. While some ranch land is used solely for private residences, there is also a hot market in creating hunting or fly fishing areas. Today, fly fishing is roughly a $750 million dollar market in America. While not the oil industry by any means, fly fishing is still not chicken feed by a long shot. Avid fly fisherman pay top dollar for access to pristine fishing grounds. Investing in ranches or other fishing and hunting properties can not only be a gateway to luxury mountain living, but also a potential steady source of income.

Hunting and fishing land for sale is disappearing quickly. Whether you want to create a wildlife refuge, a secluded planation getaway, or new hunting grounds, the time to buy land is now. Don’t miss your chance to carve out your own piece of the great American frontier.

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June 2024
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