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The typical American home now has more possessions than ever before, an estimated three hundred thousand objects on average for each home all throughout the United States. With, on average, only around twenty one square feet of shelf storage space, it is no surprise that many people have run out of space to store their belongings – so much so that nearly one quarter of all households in the United States have resorted to using their garages for storage space, often filling them up to the point that they can’t even be used for their intended purpose of storing cars.

In such a situation, a self storage unit is likely to be the ideal solution. Self storage units are spreading all throughout the country, with as many as fifty two thousand and five hundred storage facilities currently in operation. Within these self storage units it is estimated that there is around two billion square feet that is not currently in use as storage space but ready to be rented. And more people are using self storage spaces than ever before, with one out of every ten Americans renting a self storage unit. Since 1995, now more than twenty years ago, the use of storage units in the United States has increased by more than sixty percent among the adults that live here.

When looking at storage solutions such as self storage units, it is important to have high standards and inspect the storage unit thoroughly before deciding to rent it. The first criteria that a storage unit should meet is that of cleanliness and dryness. Once you have determined that a self storage unit is both clean and dry, you can begin to ensure that the self storage facility meets you standards. When you are looking at a self storage unit, many people want it to have high and extensive security measures in place. Electronic gates are common in many high quality self storage warehouses all throughout the United States.

Many people are also often looking for convenience when it comes to choosing a storage unit. Storage units that are accessible seven days a week are ideal, as it means that you are able to have access to your belongings at nearly any time that you would want to access them. And still more people who are interested in self storage facilities want to choose one that will have drive up access, as this allows for the easy and stress free unloading of belongings and can take some physical strain off of the transport of such objects.

The utilization of self storage options has increased as the typical and everyday American gains more and more possessions. Utilizing a storage unit can provide a place for those possessions to go, particularly if the owner of them can’t find an ideal storage place in their homes or even on their property in general (as many people in the United States even have garages that are totally at capacity and don’t even have rooms for their cars.) It is also possible that even outdoor sheds will become full, necessitating the need for more storage elsewhere. Storage units provide the ideal – and even perfect – solution to this need, and space in storage units is still very much widely available no matter where you go in the United States. And it is more than likely that storage solutions like the common self storage unit will continue to grow in popularity even in the coming next few years.

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June 2024
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