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Mattress adjustable bed

People are living in today’s modern day and age are wired — literally. With so many digital gadgets, gizmos, and devices, people are constantly plugged into or “wired” into all their devices. From the time they wake up in the morning, to the time they fall asleep, and almost every moment in between, people living in the modern world are connected to or using these digital devices in some way. Addiction to texting and social media has actually become a thing, and a big one at that! Ironically, all of these technological advances have been designed to make life much easier. While they have made life easier, they’ve also complicated important matters such as sleep!

Sleep is a lot more important than people may think. Unfortunately, the constant use of all these newfangled digital devices is having a significant impact on the amount and quality of sleep modern is getting. Not only are people sleeping a lot less than they used to, but they’re also not sleeping as well. One’s physical, mental, and emotional health and well being are intricately tied to the amount and quality of sleep that person is getting or not getting. The more you sleep and the better quality your sleep is, the healthier and wealthier you’ll feel!

Studies have confirmed that the side effects of sleep deprivation go far beyond just feeling tired. Did you know that driving while you’re sleep deprived is just as dangerous and irresponsible as driving while you’re under the influence? Yikes!

Now you’re probably wondering what the best way to get a good’s night sleep is. Luckily, that’s pretty easy! All you have to do is find a comfortable bed! Sure, reducing the amount of caffeine you drink and limiting the amount of time you spend online and on your smartphone or device is very much necessary for a good night of undisturbed sleep, but that’s only half of the battle! The other half of the battle is to find a supportive bed. And the best kinds of comfortable and supportive beds are those that fall under the category of adjustable bed systems.

Adjustable bed systems are among the highest quality of beds that can offer you a great night of sleep which in turn will improve your health! It’s one of those health and happiness investments that you actually can’t afford not to make! After sleeping on an adjustable bed systems bed, you’ll instantly fall in love and you may even begin to wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner.

Here are just a few of the physical ailments adjustable bed systems beds can help to alleviate.

Actual relief from back pain

Diagnosing the actual root cause of back pain can be difficult, and pain killers only treat the symptom — which is the pain — instead of healing the source of the pain. Luckily, doing something as simple as providing your spine with the support it needs by switching to an adjustable bed systems mattress can significantly alleviate pain. This works by giving the spine the support it needs which in turn takes pressure off of it. Bringing your bed to an incline of 45 degrees instantly provides relief for the lower back. Try it!

Fluid retention and the edema pain that can come with it

People who suffer from swollen limbs, especially their feet and legs, endure an enormous amount of discomfort and pain. Keeping the feet, legs, and knees elevated provides can provide significant relief and can help to increase circulation. When the legs are elevated during sleep, it can prevent the painful build up of fluid and decrease pain. Similarly, pulmonary edema patients should sleep with their head and chest elevated. This specific angle encourages the circulation of fluid throughout the body and can also prevent weight gain.

Asthma, breathing problems, and snoring

Those with breathing problems can finally feel relief by elevating an adjustable bed systems bed. A traditional, non-adjustable mattress restricts air flow and making it difficult for air to reach all the body’s vital organs.

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April 2024
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